Blog Lab


Blog for success. Learn how to leverage your blog to attract new potential clients to visit your website. Write blog posts that convert to new subscribers and paid customers. Implement SEO into your blog with easy and without overwhelm. Create your year’s worth of content for 2018 that is exactly what your ideal client needs to empower them to take more action by hiring you or purchasing your latest product.


What if someone told you that you could create your own online information show that complimented what you did as a business, would you say YES? Blogging or Vlogging is simply providing information to your audience that they are interested in. In this lab, you’ll learn how to:

  • map out a years worth of content in an hour or less
  • write the perfect blog post for your audience
  • the quickest way to build your readership when you don’t have an audience
  • do SEO in it’s simplest form
  • create gorgeous images for each post

But that’s not all… you’ll also learn how to:

  • craft killer content that is influential
  • convert readers into potential leads
  • turn potential leads into paying customers


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