Who doesn’t love giveaways?  If you said “me” then close out of this window NOW.  You shouldn’t be here if you feel that way. 🙂

I love giving things away.  It’s fun!  My way of being Santa this year was to gather some of my favorite things and give them away.  Sorry, I am no Oprah or Ellen so no cars or expensive diamonds but I do have something for everyone.

This is a completely free contest.  1 person each day will be picked to win that day’s gift. You only need to enter once for the entire giveaway. If you are chosen as a winner, you must send an email by January 10th, 2012 to my team with your addy so you can receive your gift.  We will announce on the social networks each day when the day’s winner has been posted below.

Please be kind and only use one email address.  No cheating. I will disqualify you if you are caught. So please be adult about it.

Share with ALL of your friends on ALL of your social networks – as many times as you want!

And most importantly HAVE FUN this Holiday Season!

10 Geeky Days of Christmas Giveaway

image source: Alex & Isabelle

Day 1 – Alex & Isabelle The Hair Band & The Classic Single Hair Tie

Winner announced on December 14th On this first giveaway, I am sharing with you my favorite hair ties!  They last so much longer than average elastic hair ties!  Simple and fun! Elastic is held with a small knot and two short ends. One holds your pony right where you want it, add a few more to jazz it up!

Check out the first drawing below! If you are the winner, please send an email to my team with your addy.


image source: Card Cubby

Day 2 – Card Cubby

Winner announced on December 15th I received this cute organizer in Atlanta when I spoke at Spark & Hustle.  I am so excited to share this gift you one lucky person! Card Cubby® is a stylish, alphabetized mini-card file that fits right into your purse, briefcase, baby bag or car console! Keep up with Card Cubby on Facebook too!!

Check out the video below to find out who won the Card Cubby!


image source: Beauty By Krystal

Day 3 – Birchbox 3-Month Subscription 

Winner announced on December 16th If you follow me, you’ve heard me share my love of Birchbox.  I even opened one of my boxes up on video for you!  Now you too could get your very own 3-month Birchbox Subscription!  Deluxe beauty samples delivered to your door monthly.

Check out the video below to find out who won 3-months of Birchbox!


image source: shyatt.com

Day 4 – Create Your Own Luck by Susan Hyatt

Winner announced on December 17th I am the proud owner of this book and now you can be too.  However… yours will be a special, autographed edition.  This book will teach you what you need to know to get everything you want out of life and more.  Click here to find out more.

Check out the video below to find out who won the Create Your Own Luck book!


image source: halfunited.com

 Day 5 – Half United- Bullet Necklace 

Winner announced on December 18th I love what Half United represents and since I also met the founder, I thought it would be uber cool to share their bullet necklace with you.  I hope you will take their challenge too. The fighting hunger necklace represents a peaceful protest against global hunger. Wear your statement! Take our FIGHTING HUNGER challenge!! Wear this necklace for 3 weeks straight and tell everyone who asks the meaning behind the necklace. Blog about it, and share your experience with us! We will feature you on our Facebook Page and Website blog! http://halfunited.com/

Check out the video below to find out who won the bullet necklace!


image source: pinkkisses.com

Day 6 – Pink Kisses Betty Compact, Betty Tank, & 1 30-day Betty Plan

Winner announced on December 19th Ellie, founder of Pink Kisses is a friend that I just met this year but I know we will be connected for a very long time!  Pink Kisses is a website that helps women and girls get over heartbreak and find your inner bombshell.  On today’s giveaway you will be sent 1 Betty Compact, 1 Betty Tank, & 1 30-Day Betty Plan.  You can keep all for yourself or donate to a friend that might need it for the Holiday season or do anything in between. http://www.pinkkisses.com/

Check out the video below to find out who won the Betty Package from Pink Kisses!


image source: kiva.org

Day 7 – KIVA $25 card

When you give a Kiva Card, your card is a gift that changes lives. Kiva Cards are a meaningful gift for any occasion that lets your recipient choose a borrower to support! You can send your Kiva Card by email, snail mail, post it to your Facebook friend’s wall or print and deliver it yourself.  

Check out the video below to find out who won the KIVA Gift Card!

image source: photojojo.com

Day 8 – The Chalkboard Speech Bubble

Each chalkboard is handcut and carved out of durable, eco-friendly plywood. There’s even a handle on the back that makes it a cinch to pose with. Lay a stack of these out for your friends to doodle on and grab your camera. Take them to parties, portraits special events, even weddings – anywhere you want to bring out the fun, carefree and inventive. Mail one to your friend and write messages to each other in photos. Or do what we did, and throw a photobooth partyjust for kicks. Imagine if your parents had this thing. That wedding album would be a helluva lot more interesting, even the 100th time around.  

Check out the video below to find out who won the Speech Bubble!

image source: seejanework.com

Day 9 – Lucky Minimergency Kit

From a teeny-tiny hairspray to single-use dental floss, they’ve miniaturized 16 emergency essentials that women need at their fingertips. Stash this low-cost life-saver in an evening clutch, glove compartment, or carry-on bag. Remember, luck favors the prepared!  

Check out the video below to find out who won the Minimergency Kit!

image source: magazinepublicity.com

Day 10 – Geek Techy Training Program, Cassera Communication’s National Magazine Product, Online Presence & Tech Review done by yours truly.

The Ultimate Geek Gift that is sure to set your business up with the latest technology trends and help you score visibility in magazines and other press… Is your online presence equipped with everything you need to success?  Is your technology on your marketing up to date? Receive an Online Presence & Tech Review along with two additional geeky gifts. The National Magazine Publicity Program will teach you everything you need to know to score those coveted magazine placements. The Geek Labs Program will teach you everything you need to know to equip your business with the latest technology.

Check out the video below to find out who won the Grand Gift!!

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