I created tips for Virtual Assistants on how to boost their business.  The buzz from those tips have been great! This is what one VA had to say “I am a long-time admirer of your blog and the advice you give. Each time I implement one of your tips I see the results almost immediately.”

One of my clients signed up for the tips and instantly told me that entrepreneurs needed these tips so they knew how to best utilize their VA!  It was a great point.  When I have consults with potential clients, they are clueless where to start and what needs to be done.   Especially the monthly tasks that need to be done to grow their business.

Whether you have a VA or not, you should sign up to receive these tips to see what a VA can do for you business.  Not only can a Virtual Assistant free up your time but she can help to grow your business, maximize your online presence, and take over those tasks you keep putting off.

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