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In the world of marketing, a funnel has many different meanings. In fact, there are three very distinct phases that make up a funnel: Awareness, Evaluation and Decision.

Each phase is important in its own way and should be treated as such. With that being said, understanding where you currently stand within your sales process can help you to identify areas for improvement and better serve your customers.

Let’s take a closer look at each phase of a sales funnel so you can see where improvements need to be made!


The first step in creating an effective sales funnel is Awareness. During this stage, it’s crucial to have an open line of communication with potential customers so they know who you are and what it is that you do.

Two things happen here ::

  1. They realize they have a problem or need.
  2. Discover who you are and what you have to offer.


During the next phase – Evaluation – it’s about helping the potential customer know your product or service will be beneficial in some way. Giving them supporting content and nurturing them during this phase will help them better understand if you’re the right fit. This might be the form of free content, a video series, or even a small product purchase.


The final step is the Decision was also known as the “call-to-action” phase which is where they make the decision that your product or service is the right answer to their problem. This is where your call-to-action comes in to play. Ensure they have everything they need to support their decision with testimonials, FAQ, and easy to read information.

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