I am going to go ahead and put this out there, I think it should be said…

  1. Friending everyone and their brother. Really, you are not going to connect with everyone so why friend them.  Because they “might” be interested in your product or service.  WRONG.  People are looking out for #1.  In order for them to even give you the time of day, you need to provide them with the benefit first.
  2. Having no separation of personal and business. There really are things that should not be shown to potential clients.  Like really fun wedding weekends that involved heavy consumptions of alcohol and sessions of “bumping and grinding” dancing with a way-to-young-for-your-blood-boy.  Those types of pictures should not be shared…and I am NOT speaking from experience of said pictures showing up on Facebook. 😉  Create lists so that you can control what is being shared with your friends versus your business peeps.
  3. Wasting time online with no game plan. We all make this mistake and that is ok but in order to receive the most impact from your social networking.  Keep in mind that you should spend 80% of your time engaging your friends and asking them for participation and only 20% should be promoting your product or service.  this information was mentioned on a call I had with Nathan Latka where he touched on this.  You can click here to sign up to receive the recording that goes over Facebook questions.
  4. Being a Social Network Wallflower. If you do not interact with people, no one will know you exist.  Give potential clients/customers a reason to want to read your postings.   You have to speak up, engage, interact, make jokes, and just have fun.

It’s ok if you are making any of these mistakes right now, just be aware of how you should be using social networks and make any adjustments to your strategies.  If you do not have one, it’s never too late to start!

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