You have heard the buzz surrounding the Facebook Pages & Facebook Custom Landing Pages but are you confused what all you should include? You should have at least the following on your Facebook Page.

  1. Complete About Section – This is often an overlooked area, believe it or not. You can add in this step in a matter of minutes. You don’t want someone to land on your Feed Page, click on your about section out of interest to know exactly who you are and what you do, and it be blank. What does that say for you??
  2. Opt-In Form and Pink Spoon – Another way to capture email addresses besides on your website. If Facebook were to go away tomorrow, your email addresses that you have captured are your only way to contact those people. If your Facebook Page disappears for some strange reason (remember Facebook owns your page), your emails are the only way to contact your peeps to let them know. This was recommended by Nathan Latka creator of the Fan Page Factory. You can sign up to receive a free recording of my interview with him by clicking here.
  3. Video – Make sure to include your videos on your landing page AND the video section of your Facebook Page. Video is a 3-D view of who you are as a person and business owner. Your personality and passion for what you do will shine through on the videos.  See last week’s post for awesome video tips!
  4. RSS Feed – Import your RSS feed into your page via your Notes or NetworkedBlogs. This is simple and gives your blog posts the added exposure that they need. It is hard to keep consistent with blog posts so make sure they are receiving maximum exposure.
  5. Links to your other social networks – Have your potential customers feel like they can reach out to you on the various social networks. Make sure to include links to your Twitter Page, LinkedIn Profile, and where ever else you may have profiles at. Remember to only include those you are active on. You do not want someone going to a social network to connect with you when your last post was 4 months ago!

What else have you including on your Facebook Page?  Share your Facebook Page below!

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