how-to-use-instgram-video-for-your-businessYou know that I am already a big fan of using Instagram for your business and to connect with your community.

If you are not already ‘gramming it, now is a fabulous time to start. Instagram was already a powerful tool but with their latest features, they have up’d their social power!

Instagramming Video

First, I must admit this, I hated the idea of using video on Instagram. As an early adopter of Instagram, I felt violated that they were taking such a simple service and adding a completely new element to it. However, after trying Vine’s app for creating short video, Instagram is the leader of this social video race.

Within the first 24 hours of the new video feature launching, more than 5 million videos were added. Brands such as Burberry and Lululemon were some of the first to embrace Instagram video. I believe that Instagram also has an upper hand in the race because they already have a massive following of over 130 million active users!

Instagram gives you the ability to record 15 seconds of video. { Vine only gives you 6 seconds! } You can also add cool filters to your videos, just like you can when ‘gramming pictures! { Vine does not have this option. }

Instagram also comes with the ability to delete cuts from what you record and you can choose your own cover photo to show when you gram it.

You cannot import video into Instagram like you can with pictures which does force you to be creative when shooting!

5 Ways to Use Instagram Video

1. Product Demonstration

Using video to demonstrate new products can help show your followers how simple it is to use! You can create a step by step tutorial or a video of it in use!

2. Answer Questions – FAQ

Use Instagram video as an extension to help your community with their frequently asked questions about your product or services.

3. Encourage Follower Interaction with #Hashtags

Create videos to ask your followers to create their own quick Instagram videos using a specific #hashtag. You could create a video inviting them to send in their FAQ’s for you to answer! This helps your community feel even more connected to you than just posting a simple picture.

4. Highlight Your Work

Use the 15 seconds to show off your work. Take people from beginning to final product stages using Instagram video. If you are a web designer, interior designer, or even an artist – show before and after of your work.  If you don’t provide a product, be creative in how you highlight your work!

5. Events

Think about how powerful pictures are for events, now imagine using quick video with Instagram at events! Whether online or in-person, you can use video to market your event, send reminders out, use during the event, and especially after the event is over! Have attendees share their insight from the event and include a hashtag so that all can see what a kick-ass event it truly was!

Make a plan of how you are going to incorporate Instagram into your marketing schedule. You won’t be sorry.

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Are you using Instagram Video to connect with your community? Leave a comment below with how you are using it or how you are going to incorporate it into your marketing!

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