7-ways-to-use-facebook-embedded-posts-on-your-websiteThis is an awesome new feature that Facebook is slowly rolling out. It will revolutionize how we use social media sites with our websites.

Last week, I showed you how to embed Instagram posts on your website with ways to them for your business, so it’s appropriate that Facebook has launched the same service.

Embedding has only been released to a few sites but it will be coming. Be prepared for when it does roll out to your page.

Do you think embedding posts on blog post might replace using share buttons? An interesting thought, huh?

After all, Facebook embed are coming with all the options your visitors need to share your Facebook posts right from your website. People will be able to like, comment, & share your post, directly from the embed. See a sample embed below. You will not be able to customize how these posts look but there really isn’t a need to.

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 3.47.38 PM

Here are a few suggestions how to use the new embed feature when they roll out on your page.

{ When the option does become available, I will share a tutorial with you. }

Information Graphics – Just as you would pin an infograph on Pinterest, you would post it on Facebook and then embed your posts on your blog posts.

Sharing Videos – I don’t foresee Facebook’s Video embed features taking over YouTube’s benefits of embedding but you will be able to share videos by embedding them on your site.

Facebook Chats – Embed posts from Facebook Chats on your website so that those that couldn’t attend can get a recap of the event.

Promotions Posts – Promoting a new video series or challenge? Have a great recipe that you created? Embed the post on your blog post for easy sharing. Use the thank you page to ask them to share with their friends who could benefit from the series or challenge. Get them interacting and excited by asking them to share a comment!

Webinar Posts – Embed your posts about your upcoming webinar on the Thank You page here as well inviting them to invite their friends! Ask them to leave a comment introducing themselves as well so you can “meet” everyone who is attending!

Contest – Embedding entries from contest on a page on your website is a fabulous way to create interaction and buzz. Create the post yourself with their image on your page. Embed each post on a page. You can encourage people to like, comment and share for their favorite person. { Just make sure you stay within Facebook’s guidelines when hosting a contest on your page. }

Quote of the Day – Do you post a quote of the day on Facebook? Use quotes by embedding them if they fit your blog post!

Share posts and stories from others – Using others posts on your website is a great way to create social content. Use breaking news stories that media outlets release. Or joint venture posts that the other person posted about on their page.

These are just a few ways to use Facebook’s new embed feature on your website.

Using these ideas gives your community a chance to really connect so much easier than before.

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