Your ‘Thank You Page’ is the page that people are taken to immediately after signing up for your email marketing list. This is often an overlooked page by business owners, yet this is where you have visitors completely engaged.

They just entered their name and email address and hit the submit button.

They are waiting for their next steps from you.

Take advantage of this post-conversion step and maximize your ‘Thank You’ page.

It is important to get your new subscriber while they are active. Besides including a thank you note with your free gift. Consider some of these options to maximize your ‘Thank You’ page. Do not use all of these option, pick a few to use on the ‘Thank you’ page and add a few others to the ‘Thank You’ email that goes out immediately after subscribing.

1. Set the Expectation

Make sure that your new subscriber is clear on what they just signed up for. Give them the breakdown of what is happening next. Do they need to confirm their email address first? Will they receive an email with their freebies? How often will they hear from you? How can they receive the freebie they signed up for? Answer all of these questions first.

2. Immediate Download

Can you offer your freebie as an immediate download on your ‘Thank You’ page? This is a great way to get them moving and taking action. If your email marketing list does not require them to confirm their email before being adding, consider using this option. If your email marketing list requires them to confirm, do not offer the freebie up as an immediate download. You want them to first confirm their address in order to receive your freebie.

3. Social Follow Links

While you have the new subscriber engaged, get them to connect with you socially. If you go to my website homepage, you’ll see I don’t actually have any social buttons to connect with me. I utilize my ‘Thank You’ page and email while I have them engaged. I also don’t use buttons that require them to leave my site to connect with me. My main goal of my homepage is to get them on my list! I use widgets that allow people to follow or like me directly within the page. See the image below. Click each social link to create your own code to insert into your ‘Thank You’ page. Facebook Like Button | Twitter Follow Button | Pinterest Follow Button

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 9.47.24 PM

4. Client Love or Testimonials

This is a great place to display your best client testimonials for your new subscribers to see how awesome you are! Don’t include all of them, just pick a few of the best to show. Everybody likes to see social proof when they have just found something new!

5. Latest Program Launch

Convert your new subscriber to a paid customer by telling them about your latest program or service launch. Offer them a discount for becoming a new subscriber.

6. Links to Your Best Content

Chances are your new subscriber is just finding out about you and your awesome, so give them links to past blog post that you know will help them. I like to take my most popular ones to share with them. These also contain social proof because they have the most comments and shares. Show them your credibility.

7. Application to a Strategy / Discovery / Consultation Call

You’ve got their attention, get them to apply to chat with you. Meet who they are, help them on something in their business, build their trust, and get them to become a new client. Add a form to the page that has them answer questions to apply for a session with you. Don’t wait days for them to miss your follow-up emails, hook them now.

Extra Awesome Bonus Tip

Consider welcoming your new subscriber with a welcome video that you have on the Thank You Page! You can use this time to mention about what the next steps are to receiving their free gift, encourage them to apply to chat with you, and whatever else you found helpful in today’s blog post to welcome them! Have fun with it!

You can check out exactly what my ‘Thank You’ page looks like by clicking here.

xo, Ali

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