You’re an entrepreneur. You’ve got an amazing product that’s going to open minds, change lives, and increase your bottom line.

But how does a whip smart, strong-hearted entrepreneur go about launching that life-changing product?

I’ve got 9 Tips to help you create a product launch that is successful.

Do you have a Winning Offer?

A winning offer is something that matches the needs of your ideal customer. It’s a product or service that they cannot live another day without. An offer so delicious that they push everyone out of their way to get the credit card.

Find out if you have a winning offer by starting with your past customers and clients. They are likely your ideal customer since you’ve already worked with them. Survey them, get on the phone for a 15-minute call, or reach out to your private groups on Facebook. Find out if your product or program solves their pain points.

Set Your Launch Goals

I cannot stress enough how important this step is. Make sure you are clear on your goals for your launch. You will want to think about the number of affiliates you want marketing your product, how many new email subscribers you want to come into your marketing funnel, and how many of those subscribers you want to convert into customers.


Success is steady progress toward one’s personal goals. Jim Rohn

I cannot tell you what success will mean to your launch but setting goals will help you step into the right direction towards them.

Make Time for your Launch

Now that you know your goals, you need to make time for your launch in your schedule. A launch is an intensive process and you must make time for it to execute it to make it successful.

Plan Out Every Step

In order to really know the time that you have to dedicate into the launch, you want to make sure you that plan out every step of the process. Every email, every social post, and every blog post you are going to use to market your program. Grab a big wall calendar or desk calendar to map out when your content will drip.

Leverage every aspect of launching. Don’t leave any stone unturned.

A Clear Message

We know that a confused buyer does not whip out their credit card. Be sure that every piece of content involved in your launch has a crystal clear message that leads your potential customers to your marketing funnel.

Launch Marketing Funnel

Do not skip over this piece of the puzzle because you think that you do not need to sell. If you feel that people are not buying from you, did you ever consider your not really selling them? Selling them on exactly why they cannot live without your goodies?! Setting up a marketing funnel that allows for you to sell to them will help increase your launch success.

Timing is Everything

Does the timing fit the need of your client? This could make or break the success of your launch. Trying to sell to your ideal client while they are on vacation or holiday is obviously not going to work. Make sure your launch timing aligns with your customers needs. { We are working on Leverage the Launch now so that our customers can launch this fall! The fall is a hot time for people to launch because everyone is getting back into business. }

Be Prepared for Success

Put yourself in the mindset of making this launch work. And know that you will not stop selling until it is full. Again, success looks differently for everyone. No two launches are a like and no two ideas of success are the same. Fully own your success and what it means to you. You’ve got this and are going to rock it out.

Like Nike said… Just Do It.

Yes. There is no amount of advice or knowledge that can make it happen for you. You’ve just got to do it. Put it out there. Make it happen. Take your first step’s into making this idea become a product that you create a bad-ass launch for by clicking the image below or signing up for the Success Academy to learn how to Leverage the Launch.

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If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission. ~Anonymous

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