Wouldn’t business be so much easier if there were a website where you could include all of your social network links in one spot to send new visitors to? Maybe a personal splash page that is simple, yet visually elegant, that would point visitors to your content all around the web.

Guess what! There is…

About.me is a brilliant tool that is also FREE and EASY to use!

About.me is an awesome website that will help you send everyone to a central web hub that allows them to find out a little about you while also allowing you to send them to different locations to connect directly with you on Facebook, Twitter, your website and more!

About.me pairs together a personal splash page and analytics dashboard to create the almighty tool that your business should not be without. Create your own page in about 20 minutes or less without needing a web designer or fancy coding.

Creating your About.me page sets you up with a personal splash page that includes an image, bio, and links to all of your content on the web. On the backend you also receive detailed analytics about who is visiting your profile, what links they are clicking on and more.

Another benefit is that you have a simple link to include on business cards, bios, and email signatures. The options are endless where you could use it.

About.me has now added in a ton of new apps to help enhance your About.me page.

This is what my link looks like!

Here is a short informational video about About.Me

New Updated Feature

Instagram backgrounds!

I love this NEW option that About.Me just launched! You can now use your Instagram feed as a background for your About.Me page! How cool is that! Check out my updated page background and let me know what you think!

Add your Articles from Blog

Now you can display your blog posts on your About.me page easily by copying your Blog URL and paste it on to the “Add a Blog URL” section on the Links Tab. Click Add and your done!

In this same section you can also add a link to your Pinterest link to your About.me Page.

Leave some love in comment below!

Once you have created your page, post your about.me URL as a comment so that we (and anyone else that reads my blog) can connect with YOU!

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