Your Master Plan


Time to put the planning together into Your Master Plan. This is where you review what you’ve created and put it into your action plan.

I love me a BIG calendar to fill it in with my launches, webinars and blog topics. It’s never permanent and I can easily move things around. But I can never find one that is good looking, so I designed a gorgeous one! My desk faces it and I can see what’s coming up. Order yours today!┬á­čÖé

If you’re not an online business, your plan might need to shift a bit. For instance, a Live Launch might be a big LIVE event at your business to get people in the door. Your free offers might look a little differently than mine but I know that your Ideal Customers need something from you, think outside of the box. What are they struggling with before they walk in the door to your location or purchase from you?


:: YEARLY ::

3 Big List Builds

{ Challenge, Summit, Interview Series, Giveaway | Contest, Limited-time Guide / PDF }

Monthly Webinar or Livestream Training

At least 1 New Free Offers

1 Live Launch { at minimum }


Fill-out the Know Your Numbers Sheet & Set your Goals for the month and hang it up on your wall

Open schedule for Strategy | Discovery | Consultation Calls

Map Out Weekly Content { Monthly Webinar, Guest Posts, Interviews }

:: DAILY ::

Monday :: Social15 + Weekly Social Planning

Tuesday :: Social15 + Guesting

Wednesday :: Social15 + Interviews

Thursday :: Social15 + Blog Post // Newsletter Writing

Friday :: Social15 + Follow 5 New Social People + Follow-Up