Guesting is a great way to leverage an established audience of your ideal customers using someone else’s blog. This works especially well when you don’t have a list to leverage blogging on your own website. Learn how to get started Guest Posting today. You may also want to extend your reach out to pitching larger online publications or print magazines. Have fun with creating content.
You’re pitch should be from the heart and not cold. Introduce yourself, tell them why and how you’re a fan and how you know them. Hi there NAME, I have been following your blog for about a year after finding you through a colleague. My favorite post is the one about how to send guest posts pitches that aren’t sleezy and come from the heart. I am interested in writing a guest post for your website, I feel your audience could benefit from this post because I’m showing them how to kick-ass at life through morning meditation. { Begin to describe your post and why it would benefit their audience. Write a summary of your story with the title. Include a very short bio that shows why you are qualified. } I currently teach women entrepreneurs about technology and the systems to use. I would love to tell your audience how technology makes success possible when you leverage it with your marketing. Women are often intimidating by technology and I think this post will help them see how it can really help them. If this is something that you would be interested it, I can send over a full post for your blog. Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you! INCLUDE ALL CONTACT INFORMATION HERE, You can link to your media kit if you want.
Once accepted, they will request that you send over your headshot and author bio. Make sure it rocks! Usually around 100 words that tells the short story of you and your business in a powerful way. In order to write a killer bio – follow these steps. 1. Google your favorite business women and read what they have included in their bios. 2. Tell a story – what inspired you to start your business. What do you do to help others? 3. Write for your Brand. Keep your bio consistent with your Brand when creating it. 4. Show your personality. Make sure your bio sounds like you wrote it, not someone else for you. Everything should have your voice and brand. 5. Put your accomplishments and awards in your bio. This helps create your social proof for your business. This is something you can customize depending on the type of article and audience you are reaching.
If possible, connect with them on social media. Share their content and comment on their blog posts. Build a relationship with them and they’ll already know who you are before you ask for the guest post. Congrats! Your post is published. Now what? Follow the steps below with every guest post published to maximize your experience guesting! Promote on your social media sites. Do NOT skip this step. Make sure that you are promoting the post on your social media sites and that you tag the site in your post so that they see you promoting it too. Promote on your website. Write a blog post that points readers to the guest post but this can become distracting on your blog if you are guesting frequently. Create a fun graphic that links to the posts from your sidebar. Add a Press Page to your website and link to ALL of your awesome guest posts! Respond to Comments Another step you should NOT skip. Be active and responsive in the comments that people leave on your guest post. Don’t forces on the negative, asshole ones, just the positive ones! The larger sites just have haters that have nothing better to do than comment on post. It comes with the territory… Post in Blog Comment Circles Create your own positive buzz by posting in Blog Comment Circles. These are groups where you can share links to post and others will read and comment on your post. But be sure you have the time to reciprocate the love. Some require you to comment on all of the post in the feed, some just ask for a certain number. Know the guidelines! Facebook is great place to start looking for these. This will also help impress the publishers and they will be more inclined to invite you back! Display the Badge of Honor Create an “As Seen On” section that displays where you’ve been published at on your website. This will help show visitors your credibility as an expert in your field. Send a Nice Thank You Don’t forget to send a quick thank you note, email, gift to the publisher // blog owner to show them your appreciation for publishing your post. Doesn’t have to be anything long, it is more of the thought that counts!