Everything you need to land the very best interviews for your business. Take control of your Publicity and make it happen. You can use this pitch sample for radio or television interviews, podcast interviews or even Facebook Live Shows. If you have a brick & mortar business or maybe these types of interviews don’t fit your business model. Consider Local Media such as news, radio, bloggers, and other local influencers that you might be able to connect with. Another alternative that anyone can do – partner with other businesses. Local or online. Reach a new audience. Build community. That’s what this is about. Don’t be Afraid.
Below is just a sample guide to get you started, it is always best practice to customize each and every email to fit the person you are pitching and the topic you are sending. Hi there NAME, { Always greet and address by name. } I am a fan of your { site, podcast, web show, television show — Start with how you might know them… } and would love to introduce myself. Insert a short, powerful, intriguing story about you and your business. { Begin to describe your post or topic idea and why it would benefit their audience. } As a follower, I would love to share with your audience how technology makes success possible when you leverage it with your marketing. Women are often intimidating by technology and I think this post will help them see how it can really help them. I currently teach women entrepreneurs about technology and the systems to use to build their empires. I believe your audience would greatly benefit and enjoy this interview. You can find out more about me and contact me by: INSERT CONTACT INFO Please let me know if this is something that you would be interested in. Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you! { Optional – Attach MEDIA KIT }
Once accepted, they will request that you send over your headshot and author bio. Make sure it rocks! Usually around 100 words that tells the short story of you and your business in a powerful way. In order to write a killer bio – follow these steps. 1. Google your favorite business women and read what they have included in their bios. 2. Tell a story – what inspired you to start your business. What do you do to help others? 3. Write for your Brand. Keep your bio consistent with your Brand when creating it. 4. Show your personality. Make sure your bio sounds like you wrote it, not someone else for you. Everything should have your voice and brand. 5. Put your accomplishments and awards in your bio. This helps create your social proof for your business. This is something you can customize depending on the type of article and audience you are reaching.
If possible, connect with them on social media. Share their content and comment on their social media accounts. Build a relationship with them and they’ll already know who you are before you ask for the interview. This is a major step to take in this process. Do NOT skip over it. You want to make sure everyone knows about this interview that is in your audience. You want everyone to have their eyes on your interview. This could help you get an invite for a second. Make sure that you:
  • Always let your list know about anything going on like this.
  • Set up a series of social posts – Tweet, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ whatever ones you use, add different post as the interview nears.
  • Write a blog post about the interview before and how they can attend.
  • Write a blog post after the interview is over. If it was video, see about getting their embed code. If it was an audio, see if they can email you the mp3 recording. If it was a written article, grab the article and link to it!
  • And of course, do NOT forget to personally and publicly thank the person that interviewed YOU. This took time from their schedule, they are promoting you, and helping expose you to a new audience. Be grateful!