4866_94136201478_2281222_nLast week, I entered a contest hosted by entrepreneur Ali Brown called the “Entrepreneur to Watch” contest–and I just found out yesterday that Ali chose me as one of her TOP 10 finalists!

I couldn’t be more excited about this and would love to have your support in helping me to be named THE “Entrepreneur to Watch”. It doesn’t take but a few clicks but unfortunately, you can’t vote via mobile, you must vote a computer!

Having the most votes isn’t the only decision happening, but it is part of it — so let’s show Ali Brown how awesome the Ali Rittenhouse community is!

I had the awesome opportunity to meet Ali in Chicago about 4 years ago. Winning the opportunity to work with her team would be a business dream come true. I know that this opportunity would give me even more awesomeness to bring to my programs and coaching for all of you.

The other entrants are pretty awesome and it is going to be a tight competition. There is only 3 days left so please don’t waste any time to cast your vote!

How to Vote:

1. Click on this link – http://l.inkto.it/a4xt

2. If you haven’t already, “Like” the page to view the voting page.

3. Click to give Ali Rittenhouse { moi } 5 Stars.

4. It will then ask you to allow Infusionsoft to access your information. { This is just so no one can cheat. }

5. And that should be it. { If the 5 Stars are not filled with color, than you may need to click on them again to vote. }

I’ll keep you updated on Sunday evening on how we are doing when I send out my weekly digital byte!

Thank you so much for your love and support!!

xo, Ali

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