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Speaking Presentation: Technology: What women are using to create businesses and change the world.

How women are utilizing online marketing technology to grow online empires, ditching traditional marketing that is still being taught in colleges.

Speaking Presentation: Online Marketing Technology – The New Way to Market


1. Top tech skills needed for online business
2. Setting up up a website in an hour
3. Setting up an online store that will make you money 24/7
4. Ways to build a list that is in love and creates buzz for you

Speaking Presentation:  Creating Buzz in Your Business using Social Media


1.  Equipping Your Online Presence With the Right Tools
2.  Start Your Own Buzz
3.  Keep the Ball Rolling
4.  Branching Out
Bonus – Keeping It Real

Speaking Presentation: Key Ingredients to Create a Successful Online Presence


1. POP – Positive Online Presence!  Presenting every aspect of your presence in a positive manner.
2. Buzz – Attracting new clients and sales by creating buzz in your biz.
3. You – Thinking about what sets you apart from the rest. What is that key ingredient that is your unique selling point?
4. Consistency – This is THE top area that entrepreneurs fail miserably at! Being consistent is the MOST important area!
5. Fully Equipped – If you want more sales and clients you must be fully equipped with everything you need to succeed.

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