Scale the success you have created.

You’re proud of what you’ve created so far. you know there is more work to do yet.

You’re ready to EXPAND and are READY for something more!

Every cell in your body is telling you that you’ve got something BIG you’re creating.

And you want this to be the year you ALIGN with your Soul + Strategy.


The ALIGN MASTERMIND is a one-of-a-kind mastermind. You’ll transform your business and make massive progress on turning your dream into a reality.

You’ll work one-on-one with me, Ali Rittenhouse, to make it happen in 2023. I’ve worked hands-on with online entrepreneurs to create the products, plans and systems that drive them to multiple 6-figures and beyond. You’ve probably invested in courses and training before, but this is like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

This is a high-touch coaching experience that is all about you and moving your business forward. No one-size fits all strategies. No big promises with no-follow through. And no BS. It’s you and me working together on your business while pairing you with a small group of other women going through their own personal business journeys over 10 months. It’s more than coaching or mentoring. It’s an experience that will truly transform you and your business forever.

Why we do it

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Your 10 Month Journey for Ambitious Women.

This mastermind is for a small, intimate group of ambitious women who are committed to a higher standard and performance in business while deepening leadership skills and aligning with your message and purpose.



This mastermind isn’t just about virtual coaching, it’s about aligning with your greater purpose.

For Entrepreneurs to Play BIGGER in Business.
Do you have a dream? Maybe a few? Or perhaps a big, audacious goal?

Maybe you’ve had this goal for a while. You know, the ONE you dream about. The ONE that you barely can speak out loud about because it sounds SO crazy?

You know what? It’s not so crazy!  In fact, why not commit to making it actually happen?

It is possible. It’s time to stop waiting and reach for your dreams!

The Align Mastermind is Perfect for You if:
  • You are a female entrepreneur on a mission to make a turning point in your business.
  • You are ready to take an intense focus on your business and work on the hard stuff.
  • You are a go-getter with an online business who simply wants more.
  • You are sick and tired of courses and coaching that over promise and under deliver.
  • You are a well-kept secret and it’s time for you to act like the expert you really are.
  • You are committed – full stop – to making your alignment happen. No excuses.
Are you Ready to Align?

Are you ready for ten months of getting it done and changing your life and business for the long haul?

A year complete with bi-weekly 1:1 calls, monthly group calls, and retreats to fill your soul!

Having a partner in your business to help you make the big decisions, guiding strategy and taking you to places you’ve only dreamed of? 

Do you have a nagging voice in your head telling you it is time to pursue your goal, and you are fully committed to doing the work.  

Someone { me } is standing in front of you… presenting you with a sacred space to be authentic and unapologetic, with others listening when you need it. A space that gives you the honest feedback you want and actionable recommendations. A positive place perfect for you, your business and your soul. Are you ready?

“Working with Ali was incredible. I had the most successful month of my business ever. I was able to bring in more with a single launch than I did the entire year before. My launch was more than 6-figures and it’s all thanks to Ali. This allowed me more flexibility in my life and business.”
Genavieve Shingle Jaffe

“Before hiring you, our list size was less than 500. Ali helped us implement a quiz that organically grew our list to over 5500 people in less than a year and now over 200,000 people have taken that quiz. Plus with one simple tweak to our consults, you were able to help us increase retention in closing sales.”
Rachel & Kristen of Clarity on Fire

Our mastermind journey together will include three { one virtual and two in-person } retreats, private & group coaching, training, resources, swipe files, mentorship, inspiration and soul-ships that will last a lifetime.


We’ll kick off our mastermind journey with a virtual retreat in February, from the comfort of your own home or a local hotel room. This is where you’ll SET your intentions for the Mastermind. Also a virtual introduction to all of the Align Members, share your story and mission.


In May, our inner circle will meet up for an in-person retreat in Las Vegas that will get everyone to dive deeper into alignment. Drinks INSIDE of a chandelier, luxury at it’s finest, and a spa visit to de-stress before heading back home.


The most gorgeous time in Ohio is fall and we’re going to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished throughout your journey in October with gorgeous new headshots, your own private video shoot and a few surprises along the way!

Before you apply for The Align Mastermind to see if it’s right for you, let’s review what you’ll receive when you join:

10 Months of Private Coaching Sessions

You will receive two private coaching sessions with Ali each and every month.

5 Rapid Fire Quick Coaching Calls to use at any time through the mastermind

Sometimes you just need a quick call with your coach and that is what these are for.

10-Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Together we will achieve so much more than you could alone. You will get to meet a great group of individuals that will help support you on your journey!

Private Boutique VIP Retreat with My Team this includes Headshots + Recording Session

When you arrive in Ohio for your Celebration, you will be treated to your own Photoshoot + Video Recording Session.

3 Retreats Included { travel and accommodations not included }

During these retreats you will expand your goals and comfort level to reach new heights!

A partner who is completely invested in your success and will give you the TLC and straight talk you need to make your dreams happen

And more…


The 2022 Session of The Align Mastermind is SOLD OUT.

Sign up today to be added to the 2023 Wait List.

“Ali helped me in running my marketing strategy for 4+ years, she helped me reach 6-figures in business year after year. She has walked me through a rebranding, offering creativity paired with practicality. She ran my launch, affiliate & support team. Without her help, my business wouldn’t be where it is today. Alicia is a top notch, fun, creative and extremely attentive business coach and strategist.”
Tonya Leigh

“I knew I needed a coach but more importantly I knew I needed the right coach. Prior to Ali, I had worked with 2 other coaches. They were good and I learned a few things but coaching with Ali has been AMAZING! She takes her time, she listens well and she provides you with the best solutions that fit your business. I have experienced immediate results!”
Robin Ware

“Ali helped me in running my marketing strategy for 4+ years, she helped me reach 6-figures in business year after year. She has walked me through a rebranding, offering creativity paired with practicality. She ran my launch, affiliate & support team. Without her help, my business wouldn’t be where it is today. Alicia is a top notch, fun, creative and extremely attentive business coach and strategist.”
Jen Puckett

“She has incredible business savvy and just one call with her helped me to get super clarity around my launch plans and how to boost my launch and reach my 100K goal! Ali is an incredible teacher and a total tech diva! She is able to breakdown even the most confusing tech stuff for people like me who hate the tech side of biz and help me to take action and make it happen. Thank you Ali for supporting me in this wild and crazy journey of entrepreneurship!”
Chantelle Adams

Frequently Thought About Questions
What is my investment for the Align Mastermind?

Enrollment into the Align Mastermind is by invitation only, we offer a pay-in-full offer and monthly payments options. The investment is $5,000 or 10 monthly payments of $550.

Is submitting an application committing to the mastermind?
No, filling out your application is only the first step to seeing if the Align Mastermind is right for you.
Is there a cost to apply?
Nope, nada. I entrust that if you’re going through the steps of reading the sales page and applying, that you’re interested in working together.

“Working with Ali Rittenhouse changed my life.  I’d like to say that one more time.  Working with Ali Rittenhouse Changed. My. Life.  Not only did she completely revamp my website, teach me about audiences, and show me everything I needed to know about paid advertising platforms, she gave me the confidence to go beyond seeing my business as a possibility to something that is very much a reality.  Before working with Ali, I knew nothing about social media, advertising funnels, or hashtags, but my ignorance was not an issue for Ali.  Her patient (VERY patient), positive, and enthusiastic nature helped me push through all the frustrations and fears that naturally come with learning something new.  At the beginning of our time together Ali explained everything I needed to know about her in 3 little words “I got you”.  Truer words have never been spoken.  When Ali first told me this, I was unaware of what those words meant to her.  When Ali says “I got you” it means more than when other people said it.  Her work and her ability to “get you” will go beyond your expectations.  This is my pitiful attempt to put the effects of Ali’s work into words.  The truth is it would be impossible for me to completely articulate the effect of Ali’s work because I’m going to take what I learned from Ali with me as I continue moving forward, so the impact of her work is yet to be completely discovered and therefore impossible to fully understand and explain.  You can’t put a price on that.  If you are a motivated business owner who wants to take what you have created (or what you are thinking about creating) to the next level, needless to say, I highly recommend working with Ali.”

Lauren Barlow