Collecting email addresses on your website is just as important as having your logo or image on your site! Your email list is your gold. This is how you can market your products, services, or programs directly to an audience. Without having a list, you are missing out on capturing potential clients and contacts’ email addresses that come to your website.

The majority of your visitors will not purchase anything or sign up for a consultation on their first visit. It is proven that it takes 5-7 “touches” before someone will purchase anything from you!

Not having a way to capture your readers information is a HUGE mistake and you will probably lose that person to someone who did. You are taking a big leap of faith that they will come back on their own. With so many different websites out there, this is taking a big chance!!!


You want to allure your visitors with FREE information (also called the “pink spoon“), in exchange for their email address, something that automatically comes to them when they hit submit no matter what time of day it is.  Your pink spoon can anything of value, you can send them a free report, an audio recording, consultation, or even an email or video series. People like to receive freebies, especially something that will benefit them!

The process shouldn’t be intrusive.  It should be eye-catching, intriguing, and something that keeps them wanting more from you.  The potential client will start to think about how awesome your paid services must be because of the solid information you are giving them for free.


The main information you should catch from your visitor is their name and email. Having their name allows for personalization. This is a great tool to use in the subject line, welcome or copy to grab the reader’s attention.

There are certain occasions where you can and should ask for their mailing address. The only time this should be done is if you are planning a direct mailing OR if your freebie is something physical that you are going to send out to them. Otherwise, please use with discretion. If you are going to do a direct mailing to them, please make sure they know this before signing up. You don’t want your brand to be considered junk mail! You also want to make it as easy as possible for the potential signup by creating the form with drop downs for states and countries. This also ensures the information you are capturing is accurate.

Once you know what you are going to offer and the information you want to collect, you can begin to build your form to collect their information. Below are a couple different options for you to choose from:

Constant Contact
Get Response
Mail Chimp

You can easily create your form using one of these programs. Take the code that is produced and insert it into your site or have your VA or web designer insert it in.

Don’t neglect!

Once you get everything in place and people start signing up for your list, don’t neglect them! Be sure to follow-up with them a few days/weeks after they sign up. Stay in contact with them via an ezine or by sending out your blog post updates to your list. This is more free and valuable information that you are giving to them.

Not only will this help position yourself as the expert but it also keeps you on their mind while creating those 5-7 touches. They have already expressed interest in you by signing up.

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