13 Apps To Enhance Your Instagram ExperienceI hope you have enjoyed my last two posts about Instagram where I talked about how to use Instagram for your business and how to host a contest. In today’s post, I am going to share some cool apps to enhance your Instagram experience.

Photo Editing Apps


No, this is not an app that calls out your typos — this is an app that adds flair to your Insta images. Add cool text quickly to enhance your images but also as a reminder of the great places you’ve been or the awesomeness of the picture you took.


This app offers you the chance to make a quick collage of several pictures for one instagram post. It will even save your images in the proper Instagram square shape.


A fun way to create depth and fun with your Instagram images. You can do all kinds of fun stuff with this creative app!


Often times you lose a lot of the picture you took when you go to upload it to Instagram because it crops the image to make a perfect square. This app gives you more image and lets you stretch and save the image. If you want to add a border, you could do that as well. This app also allows you to save your images in a larger file size to your device.


A very fun and creative app to give your images the WOW factor and make you look like a pro-instagrammer. The filters are also better than the ones you will see on Instagram! Check it out!

Line Camera

Fun. That is what you will have with this app adding fun stamps and clipart to your pics. Give your kitty a crown or a mustache. Also comes with filters to use on your images rather than Instagram’s 15 available filters.

Apps to Display your Instagram Images


If you didn’t know, Instagram is a mobile app. It is not available on the web but you can use Pinstagram to view your Instagram feed on your computer or iPad! If you love Pinterest and the layout of their interface, you will love Pinstagram.


Want to display your beautiful works of art for your friends in a slideshow format? Download this app to create a slideshow in seconds!


omg – I cannot wait to host a large event that I can rent these! Totally awesome way to incorporate Instagram with your event! Check out the galleries from past events.


An online store that lets you print your own Instagram images or choose from thousands uploaded from others!


This handy app will let you see images based on geographical location, venues, users, or tags.  Connect with other hip instagrammers in your area using this app or if you are traveling, search for cool locations to visit based on Instagram posts! This is taking your Instagram experience to a whole new level!


I just discovered this app this weekend from my good friend Melissa of Brilliant Life Design. Turn your Instagram images into a Facebook Cover for your timeline! This is a fabulously fun way to display them on another social network! Grab yours today!!

Track Your Stats


Ever wondered who your biggest Insta-fan was? Want to track which images are your hottest posts? Check out Statigr.am by logging in using your Instagram login. Once you authorize the program to access your Instagram info, it will pull in your stats and let you know what’s hot and what’s not. When you are logged in, you can also see your follower’s recent images. You can also put together a contest using statigr.am, click here to see how!

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Do you have a favorite Instagram app that you use? Leave a comment below with the name of the app! Find this post helpful? Leave a quick note below and say hey! I love hearing from those reading my posts.

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