I don’t believe one way is better than another, they all have their pros and cons. I believe that ANY way you create content on a consistent basis is better than not.

When working with my one on one clients, I first start by asking them what excites them at the thought of creating. I want YOU to create content in YOUR BEST element. Where will be your zone of genius that you will stick with and create for the long-term

EVERYONE is different. Don’t make this decision based off of someone else’s businesses, this is about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.



Some entrepreneurs are great writers and for that, I say start with blogging. You have to get started someplace and this is a great place to dip your feet in the content creation water. It also is great for SEO – Search Engine Optimization, because your content can bring in your ideal customer to your website based off of the subjects they’re struggling with and googling.



Do you love talking? Ha, so I do I! A Podcast is a perfect place for you to start and thanks to cool tools like { <– affiliate link }, you can podcast AND blog at the same time for no real extra work. How? You get your podcast transcribed by Rev and use that text as your blog post / show notes.

BOOM. Smarter, not harder.



If you love talking and have a strong desire to be on camera, you’re perfect for vlogging. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be on video and / or television. Looking at that smarter not harder, take that and maximize exposure of yourself. You could use the audio as a Podcast EP if you wanted. And you most definitely want to utilize Rev for your videos. You can place an order for CAPTIONS allows the hearing impaired to be viewers of your video but also gives you the exact transcription to utilize as a blog post too with the video embedded in. I use that as my blog text which allows me to hit multiple areas such as YouTube, my website + SEO with each post.

I LOVE Rev if you can’t tell. They’re fast, inexpensive { starts at $1 / minute }, and accurate. Plus, when you sign up today, you can get $10 OFF your first order when you use my affiliate links in this post. { All links going to in this post are affiliate links }



What about throwing Livestreaming into the mix. This is where you can decide between video and livestreaming. If you have no desire to be on camera, livestreaming probably isn’t for you either.

If you want to do video but don’t have the means of editing your videos, livestreaming is PERFECT. You write out / plan out your videos and go at it LIVE like you would with a recorded video. It’s okay if it’s messy — BE REAL.

Once you’re done with your livestream – utilize it again and embed the livestream video on your blog – use the text from the transcription on your website.

And if you’re creative like me — do a COMBO OF IT ALL!!!! <3

See how easy it is to decide what’s best for you?

Get started doing one of these areas today by creating an easy to manage weekly calendar where you create one piece of content a WEEK. That’s it.

xo, Ali

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