If you’ve been around the block on the Internet for a while with a web site, then you probably can remember not too long ago the battles you faced with creating a web site, making sure it viewed Ok in each browser, and other fiddly things.

While I could write on and on for days about the benefits of using WordPress for your web site, let me share some of the key benefits – all of which are main reasons why I created a training program that teaches you how to create WordPress Websites and why MY website is WP.

  1. You can have whatever look you like. There are thousands of Free WordPress theme templates out there to choose from.  However, the best are the paid themes.  Some favs are by DIY Themes, StudioPress, and Headway.  You can choose a theme design that they offer and have it customized to have a website look and feel by incorporating your existing logo and color scheme, or you can have one created from scratch.
  2. You can include whatever bonus programming. No longer is there rocket science involved when it comes to put a newsletter signup form on your page, adding a payment button for your buyers, or updating your copy.  With WordPress, these functions are now easy peasy to add since they allow even the basic HTML users to customize their websites themselves, some features that were previously out of reach for them.
  3. You can change your web site whenever. The world changes minute-by-minute and there’s no reason your web site shouldn’t change as well.  In fact, having revolving content on your web site is something the search engines love to see (and this is a big plus for search engine optimization).   With your old site, you probably had to write the content, send it to someone, pay a huge programming fee, and hope it would show up in a day or two.  Not any longer.   Once your site is setup, you can access it whenever you like and, with a few clicks, update the words on your home page or post to your blog yourself! (Don’t be surprised if you become addicted to updating your blog daily!  Click here to start the addiction process (I promise this addiction will not harm your health, but rather help your presence) and get started on setting up your WordPress website!)
  4. You can tie together everything you do. Your website, your blog, and social media happenings – like Twitter and Facebook – can be integrated right into your blog with a big Shiny Red Bow on it.  Each time you make a post, you can automatically send a notice to your followers on Twitter and Facebook letting them know.   Plus we can add in some plugins so that as others read your blog, then can click an icon and send out a link to that post to their followers.  Opening another means of traffic to your website.  It truly is remarkable.

Those are just a FEW of the benefits for using WordPress as the backbone of your web site.  By making the switch, you’re opening up a completely new world of possibilities – and they are endless!  I didn’t even touch on the SEO benefits of having a WordPress Website in this post.  To continue reading about the SEO Benefits of WordPress, click here.

Interested in starting your move to WordPress?  Let’s get you started with the Geek Labs where you can learn to create your own web images, website, salespages and much, much more! Click here now.

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