Did you know that some of the most shared, viral images were created from smartphone picture editing apps? Learn the best apps available to help you enhance all of your social imagery.

Using online photo editing programs is quick and easy but using your smart phone is faster and easier to do. It also allows for you to create awesome graphics on the go for your social campaigns. We are in an Insta-Society and our smart phones give us the platform to take the photo, edit it immediately, and then share it. Insta-quick.

You can use these apps to create images from scratch or to edit pictures that you’ve taken with filters, texts, and other graphics.

Before a big launch or when planning out your social media plan for the month, look around your every day life to see what you can use in your social promotion.

Stop feeling overwhelmed and just get out there and do it!

Have you ever seen someone’s edited photo and wondered what apps they used?

This post is just for you. I have compiled a rather large list of different apps that you can use to edit your images on-the-go!

Use the apps to add text to your images like #hashtags or your website url for your business.

A Beautiful Mess

This is one of my newest fav apps. It comes in a free version and paid. It allows you to add on text, images, borders and filters. It is from the bloggers of A Beautiful Mess.


Have you seen people posting videos where there are two or three different videos in frames? THIS is the app baby! You can combine different videos into ONE using this app! You can also combine multiple pictures into one with this!


Over is a quick app that allows you to add text over your images. There really isn’t much to talk about with this app, it’s quick, simple, and pretty self explanatory.

PicLab PhotoEditor

Another awesome photo editing program with different filters and text features.

Square Ready

If you are planning on posting the image on Instagram or your Facebook page, use Square Ready to crop the image before editing it. With the new iPhone update, I almost always shoot my images in Square mode because this prevents me from losing part of the image because of the square crop. This app helps those who are not on an iPhone or for those who didn’t shoot in square mode.


Another cool app that lets you edit your images by adding cool filters, lens light, and so much more. You can use this app on the web or download it straight to your smartphone.

Line Camera

One more photo editing app that includes filters, stamps, borders, and more!


A simple app that allows you to add many different types of text to your images.


Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 8.57.52 PMThis is a fierce photo editing tool. You can adjust photos like you can with expensive desktop applications. A great feature of the tool is that it allows you to save a series of edits under automation.


The name of the app is what the app does. Using Lenslight, you can add in different lights to your image from adding in sun glares to bokeh and surface glares.

Masking Tape

Another app that’s name gives it away as to what it does. You can add fun and creative tapes paired with text to your images for an artistic look.tiltshift

Tilt Shift Generator

This is a great app for city scapes. A super fun app that allows you to apply many ToyCamera effects to your images. It gives your pictures a miniature look!


Want to post a picture that has more than one picture on it? Use PicFrame to frame out one or many images with this app.


A picture montage with a video element and pair it to music! THIS is my favorite. LOVE it.


Create cutouts of your images with shapes like circles, hearts, and triangles. This one also has filter features for your images.


An incredibly fun app, pretend your smartphone is an old-school photo booth! Be the life of the party or live event with Incredibooth.

Camera Timer

One advantage digital and film cameras have always had over smartphones is their ability to delay a picture. Now here is an app perfect to delay a picture being snapped. Set the timer on this app and pose!

Bonus Tip

Here are two apps that you can use to add your logo or a watermark to your social images for brand recognition. Use either Watermark It Pro & iWatermark once you have your images designed and ready for upload. Run them through these apps to finalize with your logo!

Leave a Comment!

Do you have a favorite app to edit images not listed here? OR is one of your favorite apps listed? Leave a comment below!


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