Everyone always wants to know how to get Higher Google Rankings & better SEO.  It’s all about making it to the top of Google’s Page.  If you use WordPress, you are already one step closer.  If not, these tips will still work for you!

Here are a few areas to remember to reach the top.

  • Keywords/Tags – Much like your old HTML website, you need to utilize keywords/tags on WordPress.  Enter your tags on every post and every page you want to be found. Remember to use organic keywords for your site.
  • Keeping Your Content Current – Which blog do you think will have high rankings with Google?

Blog A which has occasional blog posts and who’s content has no keywords relevant to the website


Blog B which has 2-3 weekly posts with keyword rich content

DING! DING! DING!  You guessed it, BLOG B because it is driving Google’s Bots to the website with each new post.  Google LOVES WordPress and blog posts.  It’s what helps take you to the top of the page!  Be sure to keep your blog/website updated with new FRESH content!

  • Backlinks – Are a huge importance for SEO and your quest to become #1 on Google’s first page.  Backlinks can deliver targeted visitors directly from another site.  Google will give you extra brownie points with your ranking if your website has a good number of backlinks from reputable resources.  Backlinks are also known as Inbound Links.

Go on with your bad self and get found on Google!!

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