Have you switched your site to WordPress yet? If so, have you turned it into a Powerhouse yet?

Here is a list of my top plugins, what they are used for, and how they are going to pimp out your site.

Backup Buddy

Backup Buddy’s name describes what it does. It is your buddy to back your site up. There is nothing worse than waking up to find out that your site has been hacked and compromised. By having an automatic backup of your site, you can save it and restore it in minutes. Even if your hosting provides you with backups, you should still have your own way to get it done. You just never know and your website IS your business.

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache stores a copy of your loaded site on the server so that it loads faster for visitors. (There are more technical ways of explaining this but this way you understand it.) This is a great feature because some hosting sites and themes take longer to load.

Building your list on your site is a very important step, maximizing your website for list building can be automated and simple to integrate.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms allows you to create custom webforms to embed on your site. You can style these directly in WordPress with Gravity Forms too. Create forms for surveys, contest or list building with Gravity Forms. This is a great post about Add-Ons you can do with Gravity Forms too!

Magic Optin Box

Another fabulous plugin that allows you to pimp out your forms is Magic Optin Box. The great thing about this plugin is that it has templates that you basically just have to select your colors and input your content, the plugin does the rest. This plugin makes it easy to create calls to action with your forms. You can also create sales forms too. Check it out.

Post Footer

Now a popular landscape that gets overlooked is the end of a blog post. Readers are engaged when they finish reading your post, give them the next steps — have them sign up for your list with a Post Footer Plugin. This plugin helps you add a web form to each and every blog post you write without having to paste in your form code in each time. Use this area to grab their name and email for your list, give them something awesome in exchange for this information!

Tweet Old Post

Another cool plugin that will help drive traffic to your blog post is Tweet Old Post. The name speaks for itself but this plugin gives you the ability to automate and share old posts on Twitter. This is great because many entrepreneurs write their posts, share them that week and then it is forgotten about. Make sure that each rocking, kick ass post stays fully alive!


Now if you are at all interested in creating a product or service and selling it, you will need to create a sales page. Premise is exactly where you should start to do it yourself. Premise allows you to create landing pages, sales pages, AND membership access within one WordPress install and it won’t affect the current theme because it is a plugin and stands alone. You MUST check this plugin out.

Affiliate Link Cloaker

If you help promote anyone’s products or services that you love, then check out Affiliate Link Cloaker. This plugins allows you to organize, customize, and track your affiliates links. This is a seriously cool plugin! Have certain words link up to affiliates links.

Labs 4 Preneurs

This month’s theme for the Geek Labs is all about learning the tricks of WordPress to improve your list building and money-making abilities for your business. We are covering plugins and other cool tutorials to create a powerhouse with WordPress. Imagine having an idea for a product and being able to launch it yourself!

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