For those who follow me, you know that I recently spent time with my business coach — planning, plotting and creating magic for 2012!  (She is fabulous at that last one.  Just sayin’!)  Shortly after getting back from that trip, I headed back up to Detroit for another event.  The first event that I could attend without hopping on a plane.  Information about BrandCampU found itself in my inbox shortly after mentioning I wanted to find big events that were more local to my area.  I signed up immediately for it when registration opened. And I was not disappointed when attending.  I learned some great takeaways that I would love to share with you.

This blog post is longer than usual, but jam-packed full of good info! 🙂

Ask Why 5x’s to solve a problem.

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This was made popular by Toyota Production Systems and continues to be used today.  We know that asking questions helps you figure out the core problem to help you find a resolution. When you ask why once it reveals a new problem. It often takes asking why five times to reach the root problem.

When you continue to question how things are being done, your curiosity is sparked which allows you to create answers that are revolutionary.  However, it is a slow and subtle process, something that evolves over time.  Consistent improvement.  And I do love Toyota and we are currently on our fourth one.

Owning Your Identity.

Not sure if you have noticed a shift in the way people are now doing business but people connect emotionally.  When they are spending their money, it is because an emotional cord has been tugged on at some point.  When you are owning your identity, be a storyteller. Corporate and stuffy is the old school way of business.  Being personable, even if you are a huge corporation, is where success lies.  When they see the story behind the brand or product that they can connect with, they becomes more inclined to purchase from you.  When you tell your story, create intimacy.

There is genius inside of everyone.  What are you passionate about?  What problem can you help solve?  Also ask why, what if and why not!  And most importantly, how can you do it differently.  Create an identity by answering these questions.

This was a great video that was shared.  Change Your Words, Change Your World.

What is your story?  How can you change your words?  How can you get people to talk about you?  Own Your Identity.


Say what?  Yes, I wasn’t sure that I heard that one correctly either but I did.  It is a freaking brilliant idea.

Brainstorming as someone else.

Yep!  You jump into the role as someone else to create ideas.  We stump ourselves and sabotage sharing our ideas.  When you pretend you are someone else, it gets you out of your own head and past the fear of sharing your visions.  Become the Steve Jobs of Ideas!  You are one idea away from doing what you love.

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, what about a video?

GMC Interactive Brochure using QR Codes #brandcampu

Oooohhhh, that is some good sh!t! Huh?!  If you watched the video above, you saw how that video tugged at your emotional heart cords!  GMC was a sponsor of BrandCampU Detroit and one of their Advertising and Marketing Managers presented about how GMC is creating a whole new experience for their shopper using technology + video.  They are using video to showcase GMC in an unique way.  They are changing the way their consumer gathers information.  QR codes are a new technology idea that is quickly gaining popularity as software and camera technology grows.

The image to the right is out of their catalog that they use at their dealerships for the ultimate experience. You can click here to view it as a PDF for yourself. If you have a QR Code reader, you can use it to scan on the computer screen as well.  When you use your smartphone to scan the QR code image, the video that corresponds with that vehicle pulls up for more information and details – creating a video experience like no other.  After watching a few, I wanted to go out and buy a GMC!  Can you image the experience you could create with a QR Code on your business card that leads to an impactful video?  Something to consider!  This geek is definitely looking into it!

Influence can be created.

One thing they said that stuck out was STOP trying to get on Oprah.  What this also meant was to stop trying to get big names to mention you or focusing all your energy on guest blogging.  What happens is you have a spike of new visits but that is about it.  You want to create raving fans not be a raving fan on someone else’s space.  Yes, it will help your brand to be featured on big names sites but you will have more success by having people who are passionate about your brand or product promoting you.  Influence can be created with passion. You can create Passion Conversations about your brand or product.

They used a great example with WD-40’s Facebook Page. WD-40’s page is not filled with marketing.  It is filled with different ways that users have had success with using the product and stories of their passion of how it can be used differently.  People are passionate about this product and therefore WD-40 does not need celebrity endorsement!  Influence is being created by their passionate users.

Be Online & Offline

In closing, the biggest item I took away from each and every speaker was to be everywhere Online & Offline.  Last night I received a text from a friend who was doing some research about becoming a Virtual Assistant.  Her text was a picture of a link to my name.  Her comment was, “You Are Everywhere!”  This particular website was not a guest post that I had made, it was a passionate post that mentioned my name.

@calilewis #brandcampu

Be Everywhere.

I used to think that because I was an online business that all of my marketing efforts needed to stay online.  Girl, was I wrong!  93% of WOM (word of mouth) happens OFFLINE!  You need to be everywhere to build your empire.  Online and Offline.  Connecting with people on video can make a huge impact on your business but connecting with people in person is amazing!  Try it out!

This event was phenomenal and from what I heard, they are working to bring it to more cities!  What is your favorite tip from above?  Leave a comment below!

Stay tuned for next week’s post where I share what gets me into my creative zone each morning.  You will not want to miss it!

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