Now that Summer is coming to a close, people are back in the swing of things.  It is a great time to really start working your business.  The end of year is around the corner and you need to grow your audience, right?

Have you held a telecall or webinar lately?  This is a fantastic way to bring new peeps to your website!

I know this is not a new list building technique but being creative in what you do and offer will make yours stand out from the rest! Give away powerful and helpful info, hold a contest or give-aways during the event, have experts in your industry participate, and most importantly ask your guests to “bring” their friends!

Make sure you plan the process out ahead of time.  Create an email sequence, close your event with a call to action, and don’t forget to send out a recording to those who could not attend the live event.  Growing your empire will probably include an international audience which includes crazy time differences.  Having a recording doesn’t leave anyone out of what you have to offer.

The more you can personally interact with your audience, the closer they will feel to you.  The closer they feel, the more likely they are to hire you or purchase from you.

A question that I often get asked is what platform is the best to host my call or webinar. – One of the most creative ways to interact with your audience is by creating a channel.  Ustream is the leading live interactive broadcast platform.  This is definitely a creative way to host your webinar.

Instant Teleseminar (Yes, this is an affiliate link but I do love the service) – This program now has the ability to offer telecalls OR webinars.  You have the ability to create a bad-ass slideshow that you can share with your audience. – FREE, yes FREE software that allows you to give a powerful online presentation with your audience.  Anymeeting allows you to share your screen, documents, host a Q&A, and offer text chatting with your audience.  Did I mention it is 100% FREE?   Not too many things you can say that about these days. – An expensive but awesome service that allows for powerful webinars as well.  You can share your desktop and presentations to make for an impactful experience! – A fantastic audio service that I have been using with clients for years!  Allows you to see who attended your call by phone number, control the chime ins and muting, and also allows you to record each and every call.  Again 100% FREE! – I have to admit that I have not personally used this service – the rest I have.  What I do know is that it is a powerful tool that will allow you to break down your audience into groups and connect in a more effective manner.  It is more expensive but I believe it will totally be worth it if you choose this service.

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