Preaching this for years, but build your email list. Everybody recently learned why social media cannot be the only avenue that you focus on. You actually need to have multiple avenues back to your website and products; an email or newsletter is perfect!

Whatever platform it may be-you want traffic also going through a funnel where they can sign up with one click for more information about what it is YOU offer them instead just seeing “a lot” in their feed without any context whatsoever . It doesn’t matter if people don’t read every word written out here.

Convertkit is an email marketing platform that allows people to sign up for free, even before they build their list of 1000 subscribers. This means you can use coupon codes or other offers as incentives in order get more traffic off social media and onto your site where they are ready make purchases from.

Start today and build your email list. You can use offers, such as coupon codes or free gifts, free offers, free products, courses, trainings. Whatever it is that you start out helping your ideal customers with, see how you can convert that into some type of offer. Email is a great way to do this because people are always looking for something new and exciting – giving them what they want will make their life easier!

I hope you enjoyed today’s “Marketing Minute.” I’ll see you in the next.


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