As you know it’s important to plan out your year now so you have a plan of action. I want you to start to thinking about what content you will need to create for your website.

Consistency is key and you decide what your consistency will look like. Make a plan you know you can keep up with. What works for you and your business. If you’re not doing anything right now to create content for your blog, begin with once a month.  If you’re ready to go into serious content creation mode, consider once a week. Just be sure you can deliver if you move to that route.

Keep in mind that your content should be stellar. You will connect with your audience on a deeper level with awesome content once a month rather than semi-awesome content that you produce each week.

Not sure what to blog about?

When you are planning out your content, consider when you will have launches or other events and position your content posts around them. Use trending topics, holidays, or books you are reading as potential blog post. Consider jumping not video with vlogging! Brain dump ideas onto a blank sheet and pull your favorite topics for your Blog Content Worksheet. Print off the worksheet below and complete it with content topic ideas or blog post titles so you know what your content posts are going to be.

Click here to download a worksheet to plan out your blog content! It will help you see what content you need to create for your blog.

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