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You’re the next Online Blockbuster HIT!

Everyone must know about how your offer / course / product is going to change their life, while increasing your bottom line.

I want you to pretend that your promotional strategy is to launch the Next Online Blockbuster.

Let’s get started promoting it like a boss.

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Time for your promotional strategy to match.

I hear a lot of online-preneurs say that they created a product, launched it once, and it didn’t work.

They then flag it as a failure in their business and give up on the idea of having multiple income streams.

Launching a new product isn’t just about “putting it out there” with a few social post on Facebook. It’s about creating a promotional strategy and executing it.

First, let’s talk some about what not to do, I still see many making these common mistakes.

Sending private messages on social media about your launch event – HUGE No! No! Quickest way to be considered a social spammer.

Using the invite all feature on social media events. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Event pages come with their own custom URL. Use this to encourage people to sign up. My event notifications are out of control and unmanagmable because so many abuse this option on Facebook.

Posting your launch / event in groups you are not active in. Groups are a fabulous tool to meet and connect with fellow online-preneurs. Now that Facebook has created the suggested groups feature, groups are growing by leaps and bounds with new members. Don’t be the person that just posts about your offerings, make sure you are truly connecting and talking to people in the group! This is a great tool when used the right way!

Now that you know what not to do, let’s talk about what you should be doing!

Your Hollywood Inspired Launch

I love movies. Hollywood. The excitement it draws in when promoting a new Hollywood Blockbuster. I want you to pretend your promotional strategy is to launch the next online blockbuster with your product!

Launches are about generating buzz, excitement, and urgency. Your promotional strategy is what helps create the buzz & excitement.

The Preview

When a production company starts promoting their latest movie creation, they begin with releasing the preview or trailer of the movie. They use their previews to create buzz and excitement about their upcoming movie release.

Your launch should have some type of preview, a taste of what your product is. You can create a mini-course that gets them excited about what’s next {which is joining your program}.

After all, isn’t that what a preview of a movie is doing, getting you to come back to the theater to watch the full movie?

The Distribution

Once they have their previews ready, they work on the distribution of the preview and getting it in front of their ideal customer’s eyes.

When creating your promotional strategy, you want to get your information in front of the maximum number of eyes from your potential buyers.

Actors must travel around doing different television, radio and other media interviews to promote their movie. Doing everything they can to create buzz.

Line up Interviews everywhere that you know your ideal clients are hanging out at. Pitch topic ideas that relate to your product. Do guest blog posts with the same idea. Have topics ready that relate to the audience of the blog but also tie into your product launch. Create your own Online Press Junket Day during your launch!

Promotional Partners

When you go to the movies and watch a movie, you see a preview of other movies because generally, you are the ideal customer to come back and watch that movie.

Find affiliates who will be promotional partners to help you promote your launch. Give them incentive by offering a referral fee for everyone that signs up for your program from them. These affiliates might be a fabulous resource for interviews and guest blog post too… Keep that in mind when working on your strategy and how you reach out to each one personally.

Your Premier Event

Host your premier event online. It’s like your launch party. Give your Big Premier the red carpet treatment for your attendees. With technology at our finger tips, you can reach people all over the world with online events. Host your premier using a service that offers livestream { Spreecast } or one that offers screen sharing for a presentation webinar { Go to My Webinar }.

Your premier is where you can leverage urgency. Invite everyone to your event where you do a live training demo or where you launch at the end. You can give them special offering or pricing with a deadline.

Now that you have an idea how to set up your promotional strategy for your launch, you can begin to plan out and make a list of who you will reach out to for your next launch.

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