Assuming that you googled something about needing to hire a business coach or were searching for one to hire and you landed here…

I’m guessing you’re already considering it. { One of the hottest hits to my homepage through Google is from women searching for “Online Business Coach”. } That’s great! That tells me that you want to create something bigger and better than where you are right now.

This is really a personal preference for everyone and there isn’t a right or wrong answer to the question – “do I need to hire a business coach?” I also cannot tell you when is the perfect time to hire a business coach.

There is never the perfect time for anything, you simply have to do it. Even before you’re ready.

I hired my first business coach before I had the money in my savings account to do so and honestly, before I was even ready. I hustled those monthly payments!

I was a single mom, business owner and had never had a 5-figure month. And I was scared-to-death that I was investing that much in a business coach. It was a pivotal monumental shift in my business AND life. I continue to invest in my future every year with coaches, my last investment was more than what I earned in an entire year of Corporate America. If someone told me this was possible 15 years ago, I would’ve laughed in their face. But I made it ALL happen and so can YOU.

Even the biggest business gurus work with business coaches! { How do you think they got to where they are now? With support. }

And for those who might be skeptics, saying things like…

I can buy TEN e-courses for that price AND take a weekend-getaway…

I don’t need a coach with all the free content out there…

I can do this all on my own…

Here is what I have to say about that:

Statistics show that working with a business coach helped increase self-confidence by 80% and 86% of made their investment back!

You don’t hire a coach because they give you more info, you hire a coach to take you from Point A to Point B.

You hire a coach for their expertise, accountability, and ability to critique what you’re doing to help guide you.

Maybe you’re questioning yourself about hiring a business coach because you’re telling yourself that your not ready yet! Here are 5 reasons why you might need to hire a business coach!


1. If you’re clueless on how I know that my biggest website hit was “online business coach”…

You might need a business coach. If you run an online business, you have to understand where and how people are finding your business through Google. Hiring a coach who knows about business + marketing technology is a BONUS for your business. You’re an online business owner and digital marketing technology is an important piece in growing your business to multiple 6-figures and beyond.


2. You’ve had enough with the DIY approach & wasting time

You feel like you’re working more than your business is producing. You’re wasting time spinning your wheels, guessing at your next business decisions. There are too many options out there, stop wasting your time that you could landing more paid customers.


3. You’ve been successfully running your business blindly

And your results are ROCKIN’! Imagine what you can create working with a business coach on your business with a customized plan and systems to scale. Big success happening all at once can be very overwhelming, learn how to manage it and build your team.


4. You’re just starting out but your confident in your ability to succeed and you’re ready to hit the ground running

There really is NO right time to hire a business coach. It’s about realizing that you want to do something bigger than your state of knowledge — right now. When you’re first diving into business, this can be the perfect time to bring on a business coach to consult with on helping you make wise business decisions. I felt like I wasted the first 5 years of my business by NOT working with one! Go-getters MUST have a coach.


5. You’re stuck in a business rut

It happens to the best of us. Trust me, I’ve had at least 2 or 3 in 10 years of being in business. If you’re feeling stuck and need a dose of inspiration, hiring a coach is one of the best things to do to pull you out of it. A good business coach will help you uncover gems and gold mines in your business.


Still afraid to hire a business coach?

If you’re unsure about hiring a business coach. Consider working on a short-term relationship with a coach in a VIP Day or 90-day program that will help you get a taste of what is possible.

Challenge yourself. Try it out. It doesn’t have to require a long-term contract.

Take yourself + your business to the next level.

Increase your creativity + your income by harnessing your ideas.

xo, Ali

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