Than you should be using a Premium WordPress Theme on your website rather than that free theme you installed.  Why?  Well, it is the same idea that you should put quality foods in your body to have a quality life.  Or putting Premium gas in that Luxury car.  To have a Premium Business – You should be putting everything Premium into your website.

What you receive with a Premium WordPress Theme:

Professionalism – I say this because with a Premium theme comes customization and manipulation which allows you to give the theme the website look and feel you are looking for.  It keeps your website brand looking professional.

Better SEO Results – Everything is about SEO and maximizing your results so that your business is found in the webosphere.  This is another to add to the list.

Quality – These themes have been designed, coded, and tested by professionals.  Free themes are hacked together and are usually buggy with poor coding and sucky ass compatibility.

Support! – Premium themes come with support!  We all need a little bit of support with everything we do.  Just sayin’

A few of my favs are – Studio Press, Thesis, & Woo Themes.

Are you using a Premium Theme?  What is your fav?


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