1. Make sure you have a sign up form on your home page – duh!. You can’t build your list if you don’t have a way to!

2. This one follows along with #1. Make sure that you are telling people about your freebie on your home page. Super simple and takes seconds to do. Make sure they know what your pink spoon is and how they can benefit from receiving it with your posts!! Invoke curiosity and make them think about what they may be missing out on by not signing up!

3. Offer a limited-time freebie or cool tool that you can easily share! Set up a page or blog post with an opt-in form that will capture their info and send them the freebie once they confirm. This can be anything from a free ebook, coaching tool  or even an audio recording. Anything tangible that your audience can benefit from and find value in!

4. Do a guest post or have someone guest post on your blog. Either way you are sure to bring your website to a new audience of people.

5. Don’t forget about your Facebook page to drive new sign ups! I am a huge fan of using Facebook for your business! BUT I really believe you use Facebook to meet and interact with your peeps and you must form a relationship with them outside of Facebook for true success. A great way to do so is by having one of those uber cool landing pages that captures their email address. You slowly build your own social network with each new sign up!

6. An oldie but goodie – Host a teleclass, webinar, or even a tele-series to build and grow your list. This is probably one of the oldest tricks in the book but it works! Find key experts that your audience could benefit from and approach them to see if they would be interested! Have people sign up via a web form to receive the call information!

I saved the best for last! 🙂

7. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one.  Contest!!! I love to enter and host them. They are always so much fun and an exciting way to grow, build, and engage with your peeps. Be creative! Give away a free consultation, product or coaching session!

Just remember, whatever you decide to do to build your list, be sure to keep it aligned with who your ideal peeps are.  Having a list of people who are not interested in your services is worthless!!

Now – Pick one item and JUST.DO.IT!

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