IGTV Equipment in the simplest form.
Learn the exact equipment to purchase that will help you get started with IGTV.

It’s a really great way for you to get started, because you can begin just by using your smartphone.

Have you been telling yourself that you really need to get started utilizing video for your business, but you still haven’t started? I’m going to give you just the information you need to get started leveraging IGTV for your business.

Instagram made everybody’s day when it made the announcement that it was allowing for longer video format to be viewed through the Instagram app. And they’re calling it IGTV. It’s a really great way for you to get started, because you can begin just by using your smartphone. And I’ve got everything that you need to get started today.

The first thing that you need to know and understand is that unless you have a verified Instagram account, you’re only going to be able to upload videos that are 10 minutes or less. Instagram updated to allow up to 15 minutes videos uploaded via their app. You can upload up to 60 minutes on a desktop. Let’s be honest, when you’re just getting started creating video, shorter is probably better. Make your sweet spot somewhere around the four to six minute mark. If you are a newbie when it comes to video and production, then this next tip is going to be really important for you, because I want you to stay as minimalistic as possible.


I want you to use the smartphone that you already have, and I don’t want you to go crazy buying all this tech, that’s just going to complicate the process. Because the more complicated that it is, the less likely you are to actually follow through with doing it, and doing it on a consistent basis.


I do recommend ordering the smartLav from Rode { affiliate link }, and from Amazon. It’ll run you about $80, but the sound quality will be so professional, it’ll seem like you’re using more expensive equipment. It makes a world of difference in your videos.


And then pairing it with a tripod that’ll run you about $30 { affiliate link } on Amazon that also has a smartphone connector on it so that you can put your smartphone right on a tripod, hook up your microphone, and there you go, you will look like you have a professional setup. The SmartPhone connector piece you’ll need for the tripod. { Affiliate Link }

Now if you are shooting your videos strictly for IGTV, don’t forget to shoot in vertical mode so that it minimizes the editing you have to do in post-production.

That’s really the only supplies that you do need to get started recording videos. You need a tripod, the smartphone connector piece, and the smartLav microphone system.


Now as far as lighting goes, if you have a window where you live, well guess what? You have a built-in natural light. Position that tripod between you and the window, and voila. You have a great lighting system without having to spend any money. But if you do want to put a little bit towards a lighting system, then I recommend the Ring Light { affiliate link } on Amazon as well. if you decide to purchase the ring light, you might be able to eliminate the tripod because some of the light models have a built in connector. Make sure yours will when ordering. And order this with it. { Affiliate Link }


Once you have your video recorded, if you need to edit it and maybe take out some of those mistakes that you made, if only you seen this entire video before I edited it. Edited it. Trust me, you’ll probably want to do some editing once you are done, and it’ll make recording your video a little bit easier, ’cause you won’t have to keep restarting each time maybe you mess up.

There are some great video editing apps out there that you can download right to your smartphone as well. If you’re an Apple user, of course there’s iMovie. If you are looking for a more advanced video editor, LumaFusion is a great app to use.

Now, I would AirDrop your videos to your computer if you’re a Mac user, and edit them on there. It’s a lot easier, and probably going to take you a little less time. But if you’re not techie, use these apps.

For those Android users watching this video, KineMaster or PowerDirector are two great apps that you can download to edit your videos with as well.

Finally, the best piece of advice that I can give you when you are starting your video creation journey is to get out of your head and just post the video. There is no magic formula that is going to ever make you feel comfortable with sharing your first video. You just have to take action and post it.

I hope you enjoyed this episode today, I’ll see you in the next.

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