everything-you-need-before-running-your-first-facebook-adWhen I started my online business ten years ago, advertising was expensive and complicated. You didn’t do it unless you were a 7-figure earning business.

Now, with a few clicks, you can be building your business full of ideal clients who need and want your services. Yet, many are still not sure how to run a successful Facebook Ad and I want to change that. This post is going to set you up with everything you need BEFORE running your First Facebook Ad. My FREE Success Kit will give you the exact tutorials that show you how to create the Facebook Ads.

What is the End Goal?

Besides getting the potential new lead onto your list, think further ahead. What is the End Result that you want them to reach in the process of your sales funnel. { sales funnel — the series of events that your potential lead goes through with the end result being the sale }

Will the Potential Lead be purchasing a product, signing up for a service or applying to work with you.

Ad Goal

Now that you know what they’ll be doing later on down the road, you need to know what the goal of the Ad you’re going to run is. If this is your first Ad and you’re doing it to grow your email list, you’ll want to create an Ad based on Conversions. #imho this is THE BEST use of an Ad on Facebook. { Retargetting to a non-purchase on a salespage is the 2nd best… I’ve also never paid for Likes to my Facebook Page, I think it’s pointless! }

To know where to start with an Ad,
you must know where it ends.

Not only will this help you plan out retargetting Ads to run later down the road, it will help you determine the best options for your Ad to make it successful.

Who is your audience?

I hope you already have an idea of who your Ideal Customer / Client is, where they are located, what their interest are, and behaviors they have. Facebook has a handy tool that most don’t even know exist. I LOVE it. It’s call Audience Insights and you can use it to find out more about your audience. { I’ll show you how to use it in my FREE Success Kit }

You can customize your Ad to target things like:

marital status :: great for businesses based off of this. divorce, engaged, single…

sex :: target specifically based on one’s sex

occupation :: narrow down what they do

location :: create a local or international following, you choose

pages liked :: directly target someone in your niche or pages specifically liked by your ideal client

Having the ability to tell Facebook who should see your Ad not only saves on your pocket and what you spend but also ensures your ideal client is the ONLY one seeing your Ad.

What’s Your Budget?

When an Ad first goes up, it might cost more to get conversions as it builds momentum. Plan accordingly by giving yourself extra wiggle room when you’re first testing out an Ad. If you’re running an ongoing Ad, know what your daily / weekly budget is. Launching or hosting a webinar? Your budget may be larger because it’s running all at once.

Squeeze Page + Offer

Your Squeeze Page { aka landing page } is the page that they will land on when they click on the link in your Ad. A squeeze page means that the only thing one can do on the page is enter their name and email address. No outside links, just the option to optin! This is uber important when running an Ad for conversions.

In order to get conversions from your Ideal Customers, you must offer them something that you know that want and need. Take the Success Kit, that is the culmination of conversations that I’ve had with other women entrepreneurs about what they were struggling with. My conversion rate with my Ads on the page + offer is 68% and my average open rate is 58%. Which is pretty freaking awesome!

Your First Facebook AdThe Copy + Image{s}

New Facebook Ads allow you to run multiple images + copy options in a single Ad. You’ll need to know the specs of an Ad in order to create your copy + image before creating the Conversions Ad in FB.

Copy :: Headline – 25 Characters, Text – 90 Characters

Image :: Text – 1200 x 628, Video – 1200 x 675

Video :: Format – mp4

Ad Images can only have 20% text on the image. Use the Facebook tool to make sure that you’re copy doesn’t cover more than 20% of the image.

Add a Conversion Pixel

This is a step you want to take the time to setup before you set up your Ad. And it’s super simple to do but if it truly freaks you out, hire someone to do it! { I show you how to add it to WordPress in my FREE Success Kit at the end of this post. } This will track the movement and conversions of website visitors from your Facebook Ads.

Create More Conversions

You’re about ready to get started with The Success Kit and your first Ad. Here are a few more tips that will help you create more conversions with your Ads:

  • Include a link in your text copy of your Ad
  • Use a call-to-action button
  • Test different target campaigns, images, and copy
  • Screenshot Facebook Ads that you’re attracted to for reference and comparison { DO NOT COPY }
  • Use Mobile / Desktop Newsfeed Ads, avoid Right Sidebar and Partner Sites

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