Are you looking to scale or grow your business?

In today’s episode, I’m going to tell you the exact numbers that you must know in order to grow.

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Find out the exact numbers you must be tracking.

“you MUST track the exact numbers that you want to see growth in!”

 Are you wanting to increase your sales or grow your email list? Or maybe your social reach.

Whatever it is that you want to grow, that’s the number that you need to focus on.

And in this video today, I’m going to tell you the top three areas that you must be tracking in your business in order to grow it.



The first area that you are going to want to check in with if you want to grow is your goals.

Let’s be honest here. Don’t worry, I won’t say a word to anyone. When is the last time that you set a goal for your business and you hustled until you reached it? Setting goals for your business gives you a path that you can follow along to in order to reach that goal and that growth level that you’re looking for.

You must set goals in your business to scale and grow. And you need to track your numbers to be able to see the growth.

Each month I want you to set new goals for your business and know the numbers that you have to reach. Know what income you have to bring in, the number of sales calls that you have to be on in order to reach that income, and the number of new leads that you have to bring into your list in order to have the sales calls in order to reach that sales income.

Know how many new clients you have to bring in and how you are going to reach them. And then that leads into the second area that you have to be tracking and that is your sales, your expenses, and what you are profiting each month. I get it, you’re probably not a sales person and you’re probably not a numbers person. But you have to step into knowing your numbers as an entrepreneur in order to grow your business.

It doesn’t do you any good to have this number as your sales goal when this number is your expenses and it’s greater than your sales goal. You need to make sure that the numbers make sense in your business. There are some great tools out there to help you manage your money if you’re not a numbers person.

But you still have to set those goals for yourself and then you still have to track where you’re at to know if you are reaching them.



Tracking all of your money numbers is a MUST to grow. You need to know what each income stream brings in, what expenses you have, and when taxes are due to stay on top of your growth. Knowing your Business Profit will allow you to be able to make larger investments in your growth.

You want to set your goals and then you want to know your money. Now knowing your exact numbers for your money is different than setting a sales goal and reaching it. We’re talking about knowing the money that is coming in and knowing the money that is going out.

Yes, I want you tracking every sales conversation that you have and your close rate, but I also want you tracking your cash flow, your expenses, the number of taxes that you have to save in order to make your quarterly tax payment.

These are all important numbers that you have to be tracking in order to grow your business. And these numbers are especially important if you want to make large investments that will help you scale to that next level.



And the third and final area of numbers that you have to know and have to be tracking in order to grow your business is social media.

Your social reach is as important as your list building. If you’re preparing for a large launch or promotion period, your social numbers will help you see the potential in the campaign. Knowing your numbers in social advertising allows you to scale your ads to continue that growth, baby!

Knowing your exact numbers of social media is not just about saying okay I had 10 new followers last week. It’s about truly knowing the impact and the reach that you have with social media. What type of engagement are you receiving on what type of posts? You have to know these things so that you can continue acting upon the things that are working really well for your business and that will help you scale and grow it. And that’s true with any of the numbers that you are tracking.

By seeing what is working and what may not be working, you’re able to take more action on the things that are so that you can see more growth and success. And we can’t forget about your advertising with your social media numbers. That’s really important to making sure that you are getting the best value for your dollar spent. Knowing and tracking your numbers for growth doesn’t have to be difficult.



It doesn’t have to take you hours, but it’s something that I want you to be aware of. And I even have a great tracker for you that will help you get started in my free success kit. If you don’t already have access, you can get it for free with the link below. Remember the numbers that you want to see growth in are the numbers that you must be tracking. If you’re going to be doing it yourself, be sure to schedule it into your calendar every week so that you know where you stand.

If you have a virtual assistant that helps you out, have them track the numbers for you, but make sure that you are taking the time to review those numbers so that you can pivot when you need to. You want to take action on the things that you are seeing good success with. That is how you are able to scale and grow your business.

By reviewing that information, you’re able to either pivot in an area that is working or pivot from an area that may not be working for you. Again if you want access to my free tracker, everything that you need is below. Good luck growing your business to its next level. I hope you enjoyed this episode.

If you’re not making time for tracking your numbers, schedule it on your calendar or ask your Virtual Assistant to help out. However you want it done, do it, just be sure it’s getting done.

And the content is receiving time for review. Take your numbers and allow them to help you pivot in business.

Expand in the areas that are seeing good results, pivot away from those that are not.

Track ALL Numbers that you want to grow and expand.

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