LeadershipSteve Jobs was without a doubt one of the most iconic business leaders of the 21st century. He managed to win people over with his spectacular speeches, and used to say that you can succeed in business if you’re a futurist.

Control the experience

A good leader needs to take full responsibility for his customers, and that’s exactly what Apple did. The company’s team of experts analyzed everything, starting with the performance of the ARM microprocessor and ending with the experiences provided by the Apple stores. Jobs knew that nothing can be more important than the ability to seek perfection, and his personality was always in search for successful executions.


You don’t have to be a genius in order to become an innovator. Steve Jobs focused only on the management of videos and photos when he developed the original Mac, without paying attention to music. As a result, his invention was unable to burn CDs. If you had been in his position, you would have probably upgraded the CD drive, but he didn’t think of this option. Instead, he revolutionized the music industry by creating an integrated system called the iTunes, which allowed users from all over the world to purchase, manage, share and play their favorite music without having to use CDs. A true leader is an excellent innovator. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, as you can use them later on to create perfection.

Leadership1Simplicity is everything

We can see this principle in the iPod design provided by Steve Jobs, which comes with no on/off button. The music player is powered down gradually, and turned on/off using a single button. You can imagine that this wouldn’t have been possible if Jobs hadn’t developed a very complex software system. During his golden years, he did everything he could to design minimalist devices that would set new standards in the web industry. His systems could either stand alone or be connected, in order to work together. As time went by, Steve Jobs tried to redesign the mobile phone as we knew it. He had a closer look at mobile phones produced by his competitors and noticed that navigating the address book seemed complicated. His iPhone was appreciated because it made everything simpler. In business, the key to success is simplicity.

Master the message

Steve Jobs was one of the best corporate storytellers in the world, and people enjoyed Apple product launches because they were unusual, puzzling, and artistic. Talking in front of a crowd was like teaching in front of a class, and because he was passionate he managed to wow his customers. If you can’t draw people’s attention with amazing presentations, even the greatest ideas can be overlooked.

Provide people with great experiences

The Apple store was one of best retailers in the world because its marketing team was innovative enough to draw attention. Its goal was that of creating deeper emotional connections between the products and the customers. You’ve probably seen that the Apple store doesn’t feature any cashiers; their goal is not to move boxes but to stir curiosity, allow the people to test the products, and make them want to buy.

Leadership2Sell dreams not products

Steve Jobs never looked at the people who purchased his products as random buyers. Instead, he saw them as people with ambitions, hopes, and dreams, and tried to achieve their dreams through the products he created. When asked whether he thought that people would buy Apple’s Mac, Jobs answered that many would see the act of purchasing this device as something crazy. However, crazy people are often geniuses, and this was exactly what he thought of his customers. Analyze your business strategies and establish the way you see your customers. The secret lies in your ability to release their inner geniuses. Once you’ve managed to do that, you can be sure you’ve won both their minds and hearts.

An excellent leader craves for perfection; and because perfection can’t be achieved, you can at least look for it. Your journey will bring you infinite satisfactions, both financial and ethical. We can’t deny that Steve Jobs and his Apple Company managed to change the way we access the internet, listen to music, and talk on the phone. Business people who want to be great leaders should never give up on their ideas. If you’re determined to succeed, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Practice makes perfect remember?

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