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Did you know that you can set up an ad that targets anybody that has interacted with you on your business pages for Instagram or Facebook?

It’s really simple to set up.

1. You’re first going to navigate to your Ads Manager on Facebook. 

2. From there, you’re going to find the Audiences underneath the Assets section.

3. Then we’re going to create a custom audience. Now there are many different options to set up this custom audience, but today we’re just focusing on anybody that interacted on Facebook and Instagram.

You will need to set these audiences up separately, but you’ll be able to use both of them in a single ad once they’re already set up. This is known as a custom audience and this is what you’re going to use then in the ad targeting. You can use these custom audiences in any type of ad, whether you’re running one in a story, or just a simple feed ad.

Increase video views or promote a blog post.

Maybe you want to send them to a free offer or your paid offer that you’re currently promoting.

You get to be creative in how you use these audiences. Empower yourself to learn simple social advertising for your business.

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