Facebook goes public this week and is sure to be the hottest tech talk!  I can’t wait to read about it but right  now I have the hottest tool on Facebook to increase your sales, opt-ins, likes, and audience!!

It is so hot that everyone from large brands to solopreneurs are purchasing landscape! And you set the price and your budget!

I am talking about Facebook Ads!!

You’ve seen them around – haven’t you?  Did you know they are one of the most effective marketing tools available and let me tell you why!

Everyone is on Facebook!

When you pay for marketing, you want to make sure you are marketing where your audience is hanging out!  I think you know pretty much everyone is hanging out there but here are some recent stats from Facebook!

845 Million Users+
2.7 Billion Likes Each Day+
425 Million Mobile Users+
Stats from Infograph from Search Engine Journal

It won’t cost you a fortune!!

You set your budget and that is that! And your budget doesn’t have to be thousands of dollars. Now, we do recommend you use a budget of a minimum of at least $50, which is still very reasonable for the amount of new leads you could receive.

Only Pay For Action!

That is right.  If you choose the PPC (Pay Per Click) option, you only pay for the click-throughs you receive. When someone pays for adirect mail campaign they pay for every single piece sent out, whether it yields action or not.  Save your time and money and invest in Facebook Ads.

Highly targeted!

Facebook Ads are so rad and allow you to pick who you want to see your Ads so you are not wasting your money on non-ideal clicks. You decide who is ideal and where they are located at. As you add in your specs for the ad, it shows you the amount of reach it will receive.  If you are local, you can direct your Ads to show ONLY to those who are within a 25 or 50 mile radius!  Have you ever noticed that when you type in something in your status or comments on Facebook that your Ads shift?  Check that out and see what appears based on what you are chatting about.

Social Proof

What is Social Proof? As a business owner, Social Proof is just what your customer is looking for before they hand over the credit card info.  It’s kinda like virtually wrapping your potential customer up in a soft, warm snuggie!  When someone is considering investing money or making a big purchase you want them to feel confident, warm and snugglie about purchasing from you rather than uncomfortable, unsure, and uneasy because this leads to shopper’s remorse and refunds! We know that people are more likely to purchase from you if one of their friends likes your brand. Using Facebook Social Ads is the perfect social proof to give them. Interested in Social Proofing your Business, read more about what to do!

What are the different options for running Facebook Ads?

There are now 6 types of premium ads that you can create.

Photo Ad – 168 x 128 px thumbnail image with up to 90 characters of text.
Video Ad – 185 x 104 px thumbnail with up to 90 characters of text.
Question Ad – Will show 4 options or 3 plus a “see more” link.
Status Ad – Up to 150 Characters of text with no media.
Event Ad – 75 x 75 px thumbnail with up to 90 characters of text.
Link Ad – 75 x 75 px thumbnail with up to 90 characters of text.

With the new updated application you can still target non-fans with your ads created from your page content, reaching a new audience of people you know are out there but aren’t too sure how to connect with.

One of my favorite new types of Ad is the Offer Ad! I have yet to get to use this ad for myself but one of the pages that I am admin on just got approved on Friday for their first Offer Ad!  So geeked out and excited about it!

With so many different option,s it can be overwhelming. If you are looking to take your Facebook marketing from Half-Ass to Kick-Ass without pulling out your hair?  Check out my incredibly bad-ass course – here.  You will geek out on all the new changes of Facebook, how to make those sweet-ass landing pages that can capture and build your email list right on Facebook, and more about creating Facebook Ads that work. All that for $97!

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