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Now for your blog post.

Facebook did it again… yes they are making changes to their Facebook Pages…again! BUT I think ALL changes are for our best interest.

Finally the interaction we have been looking for with Pages is HERE.

Finally the ability to interact and comment as a Page is HERE!

Woot! Woot!

This is even better news for those of you who have already hit your 5K max amount of friends on your personal page.

Pages now also resemble your personal Page. I love the new design. I think it has a sleek, luxurious look to it, like a brand new BMW S Series right off the assembly line.

Something that many have been asking for is also finally here!

Facebook now allows for you to receive email notifications when someone post on your page wall OR comments on your pages status!

Saweeet!! Right?!

1. To enable this click on Edit, see pic below:

2. Click on Your Settings & make sure the box is checked with your correct email address.

Another UBER cool feature is the addition of Featured Pages that you like and display in the sidebar of your Page.

Why is this so cool?

Well…you can control what displays on your Page. Control is always good. And it allows you to target more of what your audience sees!

Say Goodbye to the ability to add FBML to a page…

Probably the biggest bummer is that as of 3/11 the ability to add FBML to Pages is going Bye-Bye! For the time being, after that date, you will still be able to edit the code that you already have on Pages.  Just the ability to add the FBML app to pages is going away…FOR NOW!   Facebook is also strongly suggesting that you start to migrate your pages over to iFrame Pages.

As always, I will keep you up to date on information regarding any changes going on with Facebook!

Tell us below what you think of the new FB Page changes. Does this change the way you will interact with your FB Page?

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