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Learn exactly what you must to prevent your business being affected by the latest Facebook changes.

What would happen to your business if Facebook were to disappear tomorrow?

A couple days ago, Mark Z made an announcement that Facebook was getting back to connecting people together with people and it has people freaking out everywhere, just like every Facebook update does.

That’s not what this video is about today. In today’s episode, we are going to talk about why putting all of your eggs in the Facebook basket is a risky move for your marketing.

I’m going to help you see how to be successful in creating your own social network that your ideal customer connects with you on and isn’t owned by somebody else. As an entrepreneur that has been in this business for 12 years now, I can tell you that putting all of your eggs in one basket is a completely risky move, no matter what your business looks like.

You know what’s even riskier?

Putting all of your marketing efforts into a social network that you have absolutely zero control over. To be successful at social marketing, it doesn’t mean that you have to be successful on social media sites. It’s about creating the conversation and the relationship with your ideal customer wherever you are having that conversation at. You must create your own social network of fans and connections with your brand. Social networking was created to help people share and connect and conversate online.

Think of your website and your email list as your own social network. You are building those connections and raving fans with every email that you send out, and every blog post that you create on your own website. By building your own social network, utilizing your own website, when things change on these other social media sites that you have zero control over, your business doesn’t get affected because you have taken measures to set yourself up for success and you’re not throwing all of your eggs in one basket. It allows for your business to go unfazed because you are marketing it in other ways and people aren’t just following you on one social network. They’re actually following you the on social network that you own which is your website.

To get started today building your own social network, you can start conditioning your social media followers to get on your email list by creating some great training that they can get access to in exchange for their email address. Start building this social network and start conditioning them to know what your schedule is with your blogging, with your live streaming or maybe with your monthly webinars. Let them know what to expect from you and where to find you at.

If there is an algorithm change or a change to their news feed, they know exactly how to meet and connect with you. Look with this announcement, your Facebook page isn’t going anywhere. It just means that you have to change up your marketing a little bit and be more savvier with how you reach your audience.

Please, don’t freak out like everybody else. You have enough to worry about as an entrepreneur and a change that Facebook made that you have no control over should not be something that is making you lose sleep. Get started today, guiding your social media followers over to your own social network and get people on your email list with call-to-actions on every single page. Once you have them on your email list, your work is not done. You want to begin building that relationship with them so they go from just curious as to how you can help them to being a raving fan.

Build up that audience and following through your email list and through your website. You can also do it through your social media channels, just be sure that you’re sending them back to your website as an end goal. Position yourself as the expert every place that you are and get them to go visit your website. These are the ways that you’re going to begin to build your own social network so that you’re not struggling any time there is a significant change on somebody else’s website that you don’t own. Change is inevitable in marketing or entrepreneurship.

The way to be successful is by setting your business up to be able to pivot when these changes happen. No matter what you do, don’t freak out about these latest Facebook changes.

Just get started on finding new ways to market your business and, if you need a little bit of help, I have a great marketing success kit that will help you to do just that. This training will walk you through putting this process down on your calendar and map it out all. ::

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