Do you wan to get more likes for your Facebook Page? Do you wish you had more engagement on your page? This video is for YOU!

Learn 10 ways to get more people to engage with your page!

Are you wanting to get more likes and comments and interaction on your Facebook page?

Whether you’re just starting out with a brand new Facebook page or you’ve been on there for a hot minute and you’re trying to get more people to like your page, this video is for you.

These are 10 simple tips that you can start implementing right now. Actually after you watch this video. Not right now. Finish watching the video first and then implement.


The first thing that you can get started by doing is telling everybody that you currently know, whether it be on Facebook or in the grocery store. Okay, maybe not in the grocery store. But telling everybody that you know that you have this great new page that you want people to interact with.

Don’t stop just posting it on your Facebook profile or to your friends. Also be sure to cross-promote on other social media sites letting your fans and followers on those sites know that you’re also on Facebook so they can continuously follow you no matter where you roam. They’re kind of like stalking you which is great because in a minute I’m gonna teach you how to stalk them.


Before we get there, you want to make sure that when you’re telling everybody about your new Facebook page, you also include it on your website so anybody that visits your website can like your Facebook page without leaving your website.

You can get this done by installing a little bit of code on your page or a plugin to make it work, and people can like your Facebook page right on your website. If you have a blog, I highly recommend that you put it in your sidebar or you put it in your footer. So anybody that’s interacting with your website can like your Facebook page.


You also want to be sure to link up your “Thank you” page and your “Welcome” email so anybody that has just recently subscribed to your email list can now also interact with you on social media. This is about building that know, like and trust factor. And the more times that you can touch them, not touch them physically, the more times that you can come in contact with them, the faster you’re going to build that relationship.


Do you do a lot of emailing back and forth with people? Well, also be sure to link to your Facebook page in your email signature. You never know when an email might get forwarded on to somebody that then might want to like your page. This is all about building those relationships with people that you come in contact with. It’s about thinking of ways that you can make this happen on a daily basis, without actually having to think about it.


Don’t forget to link up your profile on Facebook with your page. After all, it is your employer and you should give it the recognition that it deserves. If you need a tutorial on how to do that, I have either a link above or below this video that will show you exactly how to get that set up simply and easily.


Now, as far as you’re stalking them one really cool thing that you can do is people that interact with your Facebook page, or maybe a video on Instagram, or a post on Instagram, or a post on Facebook that you posted, one really cool thing that you can do is you can retarget them and follow them around the Internet and stalk them until you build that relationship with them that gets them to take the action of signing up for your email list or liking your Facebook page.

By gaining exposure and traffic to your website, whether it be from Google or from interviews that you are doing, you can convert those clicks into likes on your Facebook page by socially stalking them on the Internet with retargeting ads. This is a great way to convert somebody from being a cold audience into a warm audience to a really hot audience. I know it’s like legally stalking them.

Creepy or innovative? I choose innovative. If you need a tutorial on how to get that done, I have that right above or right below this video as well.


Now that you’re getting everybody to come to your Facebook page and interact with them, there is one thing that you can do to get more people to interact with you but also to keep all of those new likes on your Facebook page and really digging what you’ve got to offer them.

That is by upping your game in the content that you are posting and how you are consistently showing up on your Facebook page. It’s really important that you are providing them with a great experience and that you’re just not posting things to be posting things. You want to give them great content that they would be interested in.

One way that you can very easily do this while also getting more exposure is by being down with OPP. Yeah, you know me. I’m always down with OPP. Other people’s post that is. What do you think that I was talking about? Haven’t we had this conversation already once before? You want to be down with other people’s post that your ideal customer is interested in.

By sharing content from their page on your page you’re helping that know, like and trust factor with your ideal customer because they’re seeing that you have an interest in them and they have an interest in them, so you guys must be a perfect match together. I mean that’s kind of how the relationship happens online. Maybe not verbatim or in every instance. But you get the idea.


The other great thing that you can do is by interacting on those other people’s post by commenting and liking them as well as sharing them on your page and tagging them. Build that relationship with your ideal customer by showing them that you both have the same interest, and this will help build your relationship with them and help them want to click Like to like your Facebook page. And the more that you are creating great content on your Facebook page and sharing great content on there, you’re going to get people interacting with your page that maybe haven’t liked it yet.


To grow your likes on Facebook, there is a great tool that maybe you’ve been overlooking this entire time, and that is the Invite button. When somebody likes a video or a post that you have on your page and they haven’t already liked your page, a little Invite button will show up next to their profile picture that you can click and you can invite them to like your Facebook page. And so this is a great way to increase your likes without having to pay for them and really without having to do any extra work other than clicking a button a few times. Which I’m sure you will see as being very worth it to get those likes on your page.


And finally, something that you can immediately start doing right now and, in fact, you should definitely be including in your marketing plan is incorporating more video into your Facebook page. Yes, it is time to come out from behind the scenes and in front of a camera. Whether you’re recording videos and editing them, like I am right now, or whether you’re going live on your Facebook page, maybe even a combination of the two.

You must be utilizing more video on your Facebook page. And this will help your overall interaction with the people that like your page but also help you grow that following and getting more comments and interaction, which I know you told me you wanted when you clicked Play for this video today. Video is not going anywhere. In fact, you’re going to be seeing more of it. So you might as well jump on it and get comfortable with it right now so that you’re already ahead of the game. I’ll help hold your hand if you’re a little afraid.

Most importantly, remember to have fun creating content for your Facebook page. Don’t think of it as another chore that you have to do in your business. Think of it as a really cool way to build relationships with your ideal customers, and that will completely shift how you feel about creating content for social media. I hope you enjoyed this episode today.

If so, be sure to like and comment on this video as well as share with your friends so that they can maybe learn about me and, I’m following my own advice. Yes, this coach plays the same game that she speaks. I know. Revolutionary.

If you want more tips, click the button below and comment YES on the post and I’ll send you my free PDF!

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