Starting on March 30th, changes will go into effect for ALL Facebook pages.  With preview mode available, I wanted to give you an overview so you can prepare your brand for it.

You will notice that the changes are similar to timelines that Facebook Profiles have been updated to.  This is huge for brands.  Start thinking about how you’ll use this create landscape space!  Keep reading below for an overview of the changes released so far!

Default Landing Tabs

Gone, yep!  Gone! See ya later.  This is probably the most shocking for everyone. Facebook is moving to a new way to get businesses to interact on their page rather than relying on a custom tab to build their brand. Tabs will still remain there and will now be wider at 760 pixels. However, you cannot send new visitors to these tabs as a default.

At this time you can still use Fan Gates for your Tabs or Apps to encourage more Likes

***See my update about what is going on with landing tabs in the Apps section below.***

Cover Photo

I love this addition to Facebook Pages! I think this makes the page layout more beautiful.  The size of this image is 850 x 315 pixels.

There are some guidelines that you need to make sure to abide by with your cover image though.

  • Zero pricing information – Which means no sale pricing or info about a download offering!
  • Zero Contact information – No content that belongs on your About section.
  • Zero reference to like or share elements – There will not be any apps allowed or text suggesting for you to like or share the page with your friends.

I am not sure how Facebook plans to enforce these rules but I am not going to take any chances!

Ability to Pin Posts

This sounds like the integration of Pinterest but it’s not.  This will allow admins to pin key popular posts up towards the top of your stream for up to 7 days. This is a great addition because posts get lost with the random post display. You will only be able to do this with posts that have been created by the page owner or admins. Click the pencil in the upper right hand corner of the post and select “Pin to Top”.

App Display

Again, like timeline for Profiles, Pages will now have apps listed at the top of the site.  You can move these around so that the most important show at the top! You have 12 spots available.

*Update* I just discovered that the landing tabs are now located in with the apps, so to bring some attention to your custom page, make sure that your app for your landing page is in the first position! While it is not a fix for the default landing tab going away, it will work to still capture names for your list via Facebook! You can update the name of the tab and image but at this time, my FB page is not letting me….

Private Messaging with Pages

Never before have brands and pages had the ability to connect privately with people or have people private message the pages. Now you can send a private message to a page!! This is such a great addition! Probably my favorite. I just hope that people don’t abuse it with spam.

Activity Display for Admins

Most pages have multiple admins – with the latest changes you can now see all the activity and interaction going on with that page!

One thing that many are not even talking about is the fabulous addition of adding in an RSS Feed feature.  Man, the sky is the limit with this addition. You can bring them into your website and more!

If you click on See All in the Admin Panel


Then you will see the RSS Feed link!

Click here to see my Facebook RSS feed.

What should you do now?

So now that everyone is freaking the f*ck out again – what are some ways that you can promote and use your new page effectively?  Keep reading! 🙂

Create a fun photo for your timeline image.  Mashable has some fun and creative suggestions.  I chose to use some favorite recent photos for mine!

Pin your posts. Bring popular posts back to life by pinning them back to the top!

Add milestone events to your page for your business.

  • Visited NASA Headquarters
  • Appeared on WDTN’s Living Dayton
  • Hosted LIVE Facebook Chat

Yep! We had such success with our first LIVE Facebook Chat Party that I am doing another on my new Facebook Page! I hope you will join us this Sunday evening at 9p for some fun! No sign up necessary – just show up at 9p Eastern on Sunday, March 4th!

Come visit me there!

xo, Ali

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