By: Kelly Berger

It’s time to see if what you’re doing with your marketing and sales on your website or blog is really making a difference.

You can monitor your clickers every move with the new Google Analytics.

Are you getting all the customers you possibly can?

See if all those paid ads, searches, affiliates and social media campaigns are getting you a good conversion rate.

All these little details are now trackable with the new Google Analytics.

Thanks to the wonderful Gods of Google we can now dig even deeper into the conversion rate process and see where and why some of our leads fail to make it all the way through the purchase/click-through process.

It’s REAL baby!

We speak and function in real-time. Let’s face it, we want everything NOW! Finally, Google Analytics has allowed us that opportunity. With their new real-time reporting it shows you continuous page view reports exactly as it’s happening.

At last, we’re able to be even more creepier to see who’s creeping on our pages.

More Funnels…to make things ‘cake’!

You’ve always been able to tell what site gets you a sale. But, what about all the assisting in between?

Google’s rolled out their Multi-Channel Funnels which let’s you see all of those little things out there with your name on it, if people actually care, click and convert.

The social media marketing, ads, searches, affiliates… how are those helping to take your customers to your blog or site and purchase a sale?

On the new Analytics you’re able to understand how all the traffic coming to your site works together. Through all the different channels of your campaigning and advertising, you’re about to gain insight from customers 30 days prior to conversion.

Where is this coming from?

Now, you’re even able to see what browsers are working the most efficiently at getting you your leads and converting them to a sale with their new browser dimension.

Is is Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari or Internet Explorer?  Which is getting you the highest completion rate?

It even allows you to see if you’re getting 0% views on a mobile device. That tells you maybe you should make changes to your site or blog to be more mobile-friendly.

There’s also a whole section on “Mobile Reports” that helps you see how your mobile visitors are viewing your site. This can help you optimize it so they can navigate your site as easily as a regular computer viewer would.

Not to mention for you visual folks out there, there is a flow visualization chart that gives you all the deetz about which browser best takes you to a product page, from there to a shopping cart, login, purchase, etc.

No worries!

These new additions to Google Analytics can be a lifesaver and really beneficial.  They can lead to more traffic, sales, interaction and an altogether better web experience for your viewers and potential customers.

If you’re too sketched out or prefer the old features, there’s a button in the upper right hand corner that lets you link back to the Old Version. You can even go back and forth between to the two if need be.  However, eventually it will just be the newer version available as of early next year.

What’s your favorite part about the new Google Analytics? Or what’s one thing you still wish they would do? Leave your say in the comments section below!

Kelly Berger is a recent journalism graduate from the University of Kentucky. She freelances and is a featured writer/blogger for the city of Cincinnati, Ohio. Dabbling in all aspects of the field with writing, photography and videography she does it all and is the go-to-guru when it comes to covering music and concerts. Along with her love of reporting, she enjoys staying on the cutting edge of technology by keeping up with all the different social media platforms for marketing and business. She’s a total geek at heart and can’t go a day without browsing the interwebs on her MacBook into the wee hours of the night- staying current on all the new media out there.


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