“Party Rock is in the house tonight!  Everyone just have a good time!”

Now that is advice that everyone should take!

If you follow me on social networks, have watched my videos or know me in person — you know I love music + dancing!  I hear a lot of people get their day started with meditation or journaling but for me, I get my day started by dancing.  Some mornings it may be seat-dancing and other mornings require shaking my tail feather. It is my #1 way to get me into the groooove.

Dancing gets your blood flowing, your heart pumping and your brain going.  How can you not be in a good mood and motivated after a good jam session?  Your brain is stimulated by physical action and it gets that blood pumping throughout your body.  Dancing boosts serotonin which helps relieves stress.

Not only are you tapping into your creativeness and getting your blood flowing, you are also relieving yourself of stress.  Seriously, try it!  Dancing just makes you feel good!

Your anthem should be upbeat and something that brings a smile to your face when you hear it.

Every sporting event is started with the National Anthem.  Why shouldn’t your day get started with your own personal anthem song?!  My song changes each morning but my anthem for my business is Lady Gaga – Born This Way.

Here are a few suggestions that I have been using to get you started.  I like hip hop so these choices may not be your top pics:

Party Rock Anthem AND Sexy and I Know It – LMFAO
Edge of Glory – Lady Gaga
Give It Up to Me – Shakira
Dog Days Are Over – Florence and The Machine
Footloose – Blake Shelton

My Fav Holiday Tune!
All I want for Christmas – Maria Carey

When you figure out your Anthem, leave it below in a comment!

Stay tuned for next week’s article that will help you find the perfect gift for your Virtual Assistant, team & / or client without leaving the house.

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