I know! You’re busy building your online empire and the last thing you want to become is a Graphic Designer. BUT there are occasional times where it would be awesome if you could create your own social imagery to share on the fly for your blog or social media sites.

I have a few FREE programs that will help you create social imagery on your own, in minutes. Click to watch this video and what program I am falling in love with!


First up, we have PicMonkey. I love using this program to create images for my Facebook Ads, as well as images for my blog. It is free to use but you can upgrade for $33 / year to unlock more options.  I’ve provided you with a tutorial on how to use this program to edit your own images. Sign Up For PicMonkey Today! { AFFILIATE LINK }


This is the latest cool-tool to hit the internet and I am falling in love with it! It is simple to use and comes with pre-done template designs for you. They have thought of everything you need to create awesome imagery. I’ve provided you with a tutorial on how to use this program to edit your own images. http://canva.com


Pixlr is not as easy to use as the first two options. The user interface is set up more like Adobe Photoshop and if you have never used it before, you may not find it user friendly. It is a program that is internet based as well, so there is nothing to download on to your system. Pixlr is available for download in the iTunes and Android App Stores so you can edit pictures on the go. http://pixlr.com

Gimp is another program that is similar to Pixlr in how it is laid out like Photoshop only this program downloads to your computer system, rather than being an online program.


This program’s purpose to help you create awesome Infographics! These are great to create viral sharing on social media. Take your normal data and bring it to life by creating a info graphic using Infogr.am. They have templates you can use or you can create your own, there is also an upgrade option to create a Pro account. http://infogr.am

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What is your Favorite Tool to use to create social imagery? Leave a comment below!

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