Non-geek Definition: Breaking a list into smaller pieces for the purpose of targeting recipients with specific characteristics or demographics.

List segmentation is a proven strategy to use to improve your results and response for your email campaigns.

I know the techie stuff might intimidate you but I promise it doesn’t have to be scary.  Just make sure you check with your email marketing service provider to make sure that you have this feature!  AWeber, Constant Contact, MailChimp, and Infusionsoft do allow for you to utilize this feature.

Using list segmentation can grow your profits and increase your click through rates by closely targeting your readers.  Think about who is on your list.  You have a variety of peeps:

  • those who are your die-hard fans, have purchased a product or two from you, and are consistently sharing your info across their social networks.
  • some that just signed up over the last week or so and have absolutely no idea what all you have to offer.
  • probably some that have been on your list forever, they click through and read everything but haven’t spent a dime on ya.

Being able to send personalized emails can benefit your business by increasing your profits from targeted emails to interested readers, identifying engaged readers from inactive, ability to avoid high Opt-outs by only sending material that they want to receive, and allows you to increase your online presence reputation versus being considered Mrs. McSpammerson.

If you don’t have a list, I don’t know what the hell you are waiting for?!

  1. Go to MailChimp
  2. sign up for a free account
  3. add a form to your website
  4. and start building your list!

OR contact me today to schedule a consultation.

MailChimp is NOT my favorite resource but it is uber simple to use and will at least get you collecting email addresses!

Examples of how you can segment your lists out:

  • People who click or do not click on a particular link in an email.  Having them click through to a sales page or opt-in page will let you know who is interested and who is not!
  • By people who have recently signed up for your list.  This could be if you are running a special or have a class coming up and they missed the original emails because they signed up later!
  • Those that have already purchased versus those who have not. Offer them a discount for their loyalty or offer them the opportunity to be a rockstar affiliate for you and give them commission for marketing your product.
  • Separating them out by demographics. Do you offer in-person coaching/training as well as virtual?  Keep the two separate so that you do not offer someone that lives in CA an in-person event when you are in NY!
  • Spark the curiosity of the inactive. Offer some type of incentive or special to those that have been an inactive on your list.  Get them active again!
  • How you connected with them! Do you do in-person networking or have an uber cool custom landing page on Facebook that allows people to sign up for your list?  Keep them all separated so you can send them special emails without having to disrupt your full list!

Have you used List Segmentation?  Share how it worked for you below!

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