In honor of International Women’s Day, I am posting a blog post of women who have inspired me in my business over the last 10 years (in no particular order)!

Tonya Leigh – A woman who inspires women to fall in love with life! She has taught me so much in the years we worked together. She saved me from selling Mary Kay (which is a great career for some) and helped me see the potential in myself with the fabulous business I had already started. I had the adventure of a lifetime to visit the city of love with THE instigator of joie de vivre!

Marie Forleo – The first woman that helped show me that anything is f-in possible. She is definitely a woman that should be celebrated today. She inspires thousands of women from ALL over the world every week with her MarieTV videos. She also donates a ton of money to help women create and build their dreams from KIVA. The fact that she has hung out with Sir Richard Branson is pretty f-in awesome too… Just sayin’!

Justine Ezarik – iJustine – Inspired me to be me on my vlog videos! How to embrace being a geek girl at best. She also introduced me to who Mr. Steve Jobs was. I have been following her since my Myspace days… She is hilarious.

Shira Lazar – Probably the hottest online web show with What’s Trending.  She is a huge inspiration and proves that you don’t need some big TV station to rock out a TV show! She built it all on her own. And everything she does is awesomeness.

Tory Johnson – Taught me to embrace the fact of being fired! Your story really is what helps people connect to you. Now she is taking on the unemployed in helping them get back to work! She also has a fabulous event – Spark & Hustle that is about to embark on a National Tour. Find a city near you for some Spark!

Tori Molnar – I met and discovered her during a contest to speak at Tory’s Spark & Hustle Grand Finale! She also was chosen and is starting to build her own empire with Utoria. Did I mention she was only 15 years old when we met?

Amanda Steinberg – Teaching women what they are worth in one email at a time! She has more than 200,000 women that Daily Worth is helping daily with emails about personal finance. It has become the go-to resource for smart and savvy women!  My bank account thanks her and her team!

Brooke Castillo – She took her family on the road! After selling ALL of their belongings, they did homeschooling incorporated with traveling the country in a mini-van! She is a kick-ass woman and entrepreneur. She gets it all done and is very family oriented! I LOVE this woman! She knows how to get business done!

YOU – If you are reading this… chances are you are a womenpreneur who is creating something that is filled with passion and love and your visions! Each and every one of you inspire me every single day with your fabulousness! If you have a business, treat yourself to something special tonight because we are about to take over the world!

So who inspires you? Leave your fave women and a link to their site below in the comments!

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