In the “old” world of advertising (and it’s really not that old, per se), data shows that someone had to see something 3-5 times before they would make a purchase.  In the online world, that number is estimated to be 5-7 times (if not higher).  If you know anything about NASCAR racing, manufacturers pay millions of dollars to have their logo on a car simply because it goes around and around, lap after lap, in front of millions of people!

Whether it’s a magazine ad, a flyer in your mailbox, a commercial on TV, or a race car, sales are made by fostering a combination of brand awareness and trust.  One of the best ways you can do this when you’re marketing online is via your Ezine.

If you’re ever received a printed newsletter from someone, you know that about 75% is new content.  The remaining 25%, however, is usually ads.  Your electronic newsletter emailed to your list subscribers should be no different.  The majority of the content should be new, while that remaining 25% can be focused on your products, services, or affiliate offerings.

The primary goal of your Ezine is to provide information that educates the reader, giving him/her the desire to take action.  A great way to get the readers attention is to pose a question.  For example, if you provide services for setting up a shopping cart, you might pose a question about rates – i.e., does your reader know how much he/she is being charged per transaction and on the total purchase price.  Explain that there are different rates and how it’s possible to get a lower rate by simply selling a certain amount more per month (which, for some folks could be as little as $25).  Too often people take for granted that what they have is what they’re stuck with!

If you have a package for Entrepreneurs to help them send out weekly Ezines…you might write an article on the benefits of “How a Weekly Ezine Can Grow Your Business”.  (Clear throat – Click here to see my package. 😉 )

The action the reader takes as a result of receiving this information will be one of three things:

  • Take your advice and investigate for themselves.
  • Ignore the information as it’s not relevant for what they’re doing (which would be unlikely).
  • Come directly to you for help, as they have no clue (and having them come to you is the goal).

It’s always helpful to have a section for Recommends in your Ezine as long as you stick to something relative to your niche or topic.  For example, I am not going to put an affiliate link for a hunting website in an Ezine about weight loss for women.

Remember that your Ezine is your most direct route to prospective buyers.  They are on your list for a reason, they either signed up via your web form where you offered a Pink Spoon or they requested to be added to your list or maybe they already purchased something from you.  Bottom line, they OPTED IN, they want you to send them helpful information, and they want your knowledge, so give it to them!

Earn the buyer’s trust by offering beneficial information coupled with a genuine desire for them to succeed.

Position yourself as the expert that you are!

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