How often do you update your site or the content on it?

Your website is your online presence that potential clients go to as a first impression.  To be honest, it is a total turn off for me when I see outdated info.

The easiest way to have fresh, updated content is by having a blog integrated with your site!  A blog allows you to keep fresh content while also increasing your SEO, visibility, and your credibility!

Let me give you a few things to consider of what fresh content can do for you!

Search engines looooove fresh content and brings them “crawling” back for more.
Search engines, like Google, will “crawl” your website looking for new information. When you post new content, this attracts them to it and in return can also help your SEO rankings.

If you build it they will come.
If you build a blog with fresh, content rich information that is targeted to your market – they will come!  And they will continue to come back to look for more new information!  This also helps position yourself as an expert in your field.

More content = more keywords.
The more frequently you post, the more opportunities you are creating to reach new readers and new audiences. We get stuck in our little circles or tribes of people and wonder why we never grow bigger. Get out there and reach more people while inspiring them and continuing to share your wealth of knowledge!

It simply looks better.
This isn’t rocket science.  A site with fresh content just looks better.  Fresh content is more appealing to new visitors!

Let’s be honest.  Would you want to learn from a site that…

occasionally updates their site but their last post was 3 months ago?


is consistently updating their site weekly with fresh content?

Leave a comment below letting me know!  (I already know the answer to this question, I just love hearing from my readers!)

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