This question has been filling up my Inbox for the last week so I thought I should address how to do it in a video!!

There are two methods that you can use to connect your Facebook Profile’s Employment Information to your Facebook Business Page or Facebook Like Page.  The first is very simple and you will probably either say “Oh Wow, That’s It!?!? Duh!”!  or “DAMN!  The easy way didn’t work but that is Ok, because Alicia will walk me through the more difficult way too!”

Please help me spread the word so that we can connect everyone’s page!  There is nothing more frustrating than clicking on someone’s page and it goes to this….

Easy Peasy Video… TRY FIRST!


Try ONLY if the first video doesn’t working for you!  Little more difficult…


Link for Firefox Web Developer Add-On:

Good Luck!  If you like, please share with friends to help them out! 🙂  Leave a link to your page below for us to “Like” it & join your community too!! 🙂


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